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    29 Things You'll Remember If You Were A Cheerleader In High School

    Even now, "5-6-7-8" is triggering.

    1. Having an entire drawer dedicated to Soffe shorts.

    2. And also various practice tee shirts.

    3. Always dreaming about wearing Asics because they looked so cute.

    4. But always having to wear bulky white ones instead because they're more supportive.

    5. Your mom LOVED to decorate the car for games and competitions.

    6. Bring It On was probably your favorite movie.

    7. But despite what people thought, you never actually did "spirit fingers" in a routine.

    8. Before Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, you watched cheerleading competitions on good ol' fashion cable.

    9. And before fancy curling wands and irons, you put your pony in hot rollers for tight spirals.

    10. You know that facials aren't a skin care routine, it's how you win the audience over.

    11. You and your friends would find an excuse to do stunts ANYWHERE, especially pools and beaches.

    12. Even now, "5-6-7-8" leaves a permanent scar on your brain.

    13. Cheer camp was both the best and worst experience of your teenage years.

    14. You've witnessed one too many injuries, and there's probably one incident you'll never forget.

    15. Sometimes, actually "cheering" for the school sports team was your least favorite part of the process.

    16. Why? Because stunts...

    17. ...and learning dance choreography were SO much more fun.

    18. A basket toss was terrifying the first time, but then you learned to LOVE it after lots of practice.

    19. Nothing drives you more insane than broken wrists and sloppy movements.

    20. You always felt like such a baller when you could nail a jump sequence.

    21. So. Much. Glitter.

    22. And let's not even talk about the amount of loose hair ties, hair pins, hair spray, and bows scattered around your room.

    23. You loved to practice scorpions and heel stretches, even if you weren't a flyer.

    24. There was always that ONE cheerleader in your group that you hoped would make a college team.

    25. You always either LOVED your coach or...definitely didn't.

    26. It was always the worst dealing with morons who wanted to argue that cheerleading isn't a sport.

    27. But regardless of the tears, the injuries, and the haters, you had the best damn time.