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33 "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Bless the Harry Potter fandom.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the funniest Harry Potter Tumblr post they've ever seen. Here's some jokes that would make Fred and George proud.

1. This ~interesting~ Cosmo sex tip.

—Caitlin Michelle Beerer, Facebook

2. This post that proved Harry can be an asshole sometimes.

3. This Harry PotterPitch Perfect mashup.

4. This post that made you realize Ron deserved more from his best friend.

5. This *important* question raised by a '90s kid.

6. This stunning comparison.


7. Ummm...this spell someone made up.

8. This brand new series of books, with a happy twist.


9. This beautiful pun.


10. This alternate ending featuring the flying car from Chamber of Secrets.

11. This French version of Harry Potter.

12. The truth about the Sorting system.

13. A (very likely) accurate representation of Prongs, drunk at a bar.

14. This reimagining of Harry's love life.

15. This valid question about lady problems.


16. This alternate universe where Fat Amy is the Fat Lady.

17. And this one where Gordon Ramsay is the Potions Professor.

18. This ~smart~ observation of drunk Ravenclaws.

19. This Tumblr post that was all about the right tag.

20. This headcanon about James entering fatherhood.

21. This extremely accurate description of the four houses.

— Arielle Calderon, Facebook

22. This post questioning Dumbledore's authority.

23. This story of a brilliant youth.

24. This iconic still from the Katy Perry "Firework" music video remake.


25. A true story about ABC Family HQ.


26. A list about why Hufflepuffs are definitely stoners.


(Mad-Eye/Barty Crouch Jr. told Diggory to open the egg in the bath, btw.)

27. This hidden gem from the first book.


28. This simple trick to finding Draco.

29. This terrifying plot twist.

30. This clever observation about Kenneth Branagh.

31. This movie scene that the Potter fandom will never let go of.

32. #SassyHarry

— Spencer Althouse, Facebook

33. And this short summary of the series.

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