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16 Ways Being Home For The Holiday Turns You Into A Child

Thanks, mom and dad! Also, sorry, mom and dad.

1. You suddenly forget how to provide food for yourself.


"But dad, it's better when you make it!"

2. Or how to eat well.

Rollins-Joffe Productions / Via


3. Or how to clean up after yourself when you're done eating.

Comedy Central / Via


4. You and your siblings immediately revert back to old power dynamics.

Twentieth Century Fox Television / Via

So suck it up and hand over the remote, little bro.

5. You rely on your parents for rides everywhere.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

6. And they still want to know where you're going, who you're seeing, and when you'll be back.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

"Just some people, you wouldn't know them, GEEZ."

7. Drinking booze in the house still feels rebellious, so you feel like you need to be sneaky about it.

8. You sleep in your old twin bed, under your Teen Beat cutouts and posters.

NBC / Via

9. You live in your PJs, which ideally are festive onesies.

10. And you drink out of these like it's no big deal.

11. You're back to explaining to your mom what you're doing online at 3am.

fasphotographic / Shutterstock, Inc.

"I'm just talking to my friends!!!!!!!!!"

12. And forget about doing your own laundry.


You may have even arrived with an extra bag or two of your already-dirty clothes, just in case mom or dad feel like throwing it in with the wash.

13. You get sucked into your old video game consoles.


This will be the year you beat Ocarina of Time.

14. Nothing in the world seems more exciting than decorating the Christmas tree...

Walt Disney Productions / Via

It's just better than the one in your own apartment!

15. ...or opening up the presents underneath it.

New Line Cinema / Via

16. And for a few days (or weeks) all of your adulthood stresses are tossed aside.

Happy holidays!

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