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20 Things You Can Only Get Away With When You're Home For The Holidays

Love you, Mom and Dad.

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1. Beelining to the refrigerator upon entering the house, and emptying out as much food as your arms will carry.

2. Eating cookies, nachos, and/or chicken nuggets for "meals."

Rollins-Joffe Productions / Via

Thanks for stocking the kitchen with literally every variety of Entenmann's, mom.

3. Just eating, so much, forever.

4. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

Comedy Central / Via

Or, sometimes, on the corner table next to the sofa.

5. Asking for cash. Just flat-out asking another adult to hand over cash so you can shop at the mall.

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6. Demanding use of your parents' car, because you're coming from the city and how else are you going to get around?

Cruising in that ~party van~.

7. Or calling your mom drunk from the bar to ask for a ride home.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

"It's not MY fault there isn't a subway system in Smithtown!!!!!"

8. Wearing only pajamas for 72 hours straight.

(Ideally onesies.)

9. Fighting with siblings like you're 14 again.

E4 / Via

This may also include slapping, teasing, and tattling.

10. Sleeping under a poster of NSYNC.

And maybe giving JT a little kiss goodnight! Who cares? It's fine.

11. Playing all of your old video games for hours on end.

12. Calling your mom into the living room to bring you a blanket.

13. Calling your dad into your bedroom to close your door.

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14. Lying about your job to make it seem like you've got MUCH more power than you actually do, because your parents and former classmates only vaguely know what your job is.

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15. Seeing something you like in your parents' house and just asking if you can have it.

Disney / Via

16. Or, on second thought, seeing something you like in your parents' house and just taking it.

17. Just going for it in the grocery store because you know you're not paying.

DON'T MIND IF I DO, organic peanut butter.

18. Briefly forgetting how to do laundry.

19. Or how to do anything that isn't watching Netflix, really.

Nathan W. Pyle / Via

20. Forgetting all of your adult worries and responsibilities, because your parents are actual superheroes.

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