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27 Record Stores You Need To Visit Before You Die

Get ready to dig.

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1. The Sound Garden (Baltimore)

"The Sound Garden in Baltimore, not because it's my hometown record store, but because they have bands do shows and releases there, and you never know who's gonna be there when you pop in! It's a staple place that I take all out-of-town friends/family to. It's quaint but the staff is a blast and everyone I take there loves it!" —Crista Hartis, Facebook


2. Grimey's New & Preloved Music (Nashville)

"Grimey’s New and Preloved Music in Nashville TN! They have a huge collection of new and used records from every genre imaginable. They also have a book store and coffee shop attached. By far the best record shop I’ve ever visited. They also have a live music venue next door!!!" —rachael20

3. Boo Boo Records (San Luis Obispo, California)

"Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo! They have a giant selection at great prices! The staff is also wonderful! So lucky to have them." —amandagutierrezx

4. Mabu Vinyl (Cape Town, South Africa)

"Mabu Vinyl, in Cape Town, South Africa. It was featured extensively in [2012 film] Searching For Sugar Man, as the owner is the one who started the search for musician American musician Sixto Rodriguez. Give it a look!" —Brad Buttner, Facebook

5. Jerry's Fine Used Records (Pittsburgh)

"Entering this store is almost like a religious experience for vinyl lovers. Jerry only carries used vinyl but he has about one million records in the store. You read that right. He has even more in his warehouse. The records never seem to end. He has a whole room dedicated to 78 RPMs, and floor-to-ceiling shelves for 45s. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, go back in a couple weeks, it might be there. Mint records, promo copies, imports, and some even still sealed!" — seanp4c87fefa2

6. Monster Melodies (Paris)

"Monster Melodies is a really nice place to nose in." —Valentina Ponyo Anania, Facebook


7. Princeton Record Exchange (Princeton, New Jersey)

"As well as having one of the most impressive and well-curated collections of music (on my first visit I found two used CDs by some obscure Swedish pop artist that were only sold as tour merch, and were and about 10 years old) everything is fairly priced. It's basically an icon of the New Jersey music scene in itself. It’s no wonder Rolling Stone named it in their top 25 record stores." —lilfig

8. Rasputin Music (Berkeley)

"Funky place, smells like old LPs. They have a crazy huge selection of music in general, but the basement has the biggest collection of vintage, used, and new records! You can literally find anything you want, from as little as $0.25." —Laura Jetter, Facebook

9. Flake Records (Osaka, Japan)

A must-see for record collectors worldwide, the shop is known especially for its rare imports. (Suggested by Jean-Michel Wickli, Facebook)

10. Recordland (Calgary, Alberta)

"One of Canada's largest privately owned record stores with about two million records and counting. You could easily spend hours there— not a place for someone who isn't interested in browsing too much, or hunting for treasures." —Drew Johnston, Facebook

11. Rebel Rebel Records (New York)

"Rebel Rebel in Greenwich Village. It’s a tiny shop, jam-packed with rare finds, including a box simply labeled 'Super Awesome 80s Music.'" —kimiroro


12. Bengans (Gothenburg, Sweden)

"The building used to be an old cinema but is now a record store with a cafe which often hosts live concerts for free. It’s really cozy and I could spend days there walking around browsing the vinyls and CDs. They also sell secondhand vinyls for really good prices. The staff is always really nice and helpful making sure you find what you want." —kannariel

13. Utopia Records (Sydney)

Great for the metal fans. (Suggested by Daniella Banach, Facebook)

14. Graywhale Entertainment (Salt Lake City)

"It’s one of the only stores I frequent. It has tons of records, plus video games, both old to the newest console. If you can’t find the record you’re looking, for the staff will be more than happy to help you find it. If you’re ever in Salt Lake, you need to visit this store." —gustavosandovalv

15. Green Noise Records (Portland, Oregon)

"It’s the brick-and-mortar headquarters of notable punk label Dirtnap Records and has a great selection, new and used, of punk and garage classics, as well as hard to find or lesser known releases. It's a great resource for local bands." —rosemotelchronicler

16. Jive Time Records (Seattle)

"Jive Time in Seattle, WA! It'is small and intimate but very comfortable. The people there are so nice! I went in there with a gift certificate and bought Rumors by Fleetwood Mac and it was a little more than the amount and they didn’t let me pay for the few cents extra! Great place!" —emilys44c7bf5e5


17. Shake It Records (Cincinnati)

"It’s everything you want in a record store — eclectic, funky, stocked to the walls with cool stuff you can’t get anywhere else. They celebrate Record Store Day with live performances. They have an absurd amount of vinyl spanning decades. I love it." —dsweatt86

18. Slow Boat Records (Wellington, New Zealand)

"They're meant to be one of the best in the world, and, oh my goodness, they're incredible. Martin Freeman (who, fun fact, has a massive record collection) and a number of the Lord of the Rings cast have said it's their favorite record shop. It's amazing and soooo Wellington." —Tyrie Kelly, Facebook

19. Rough Trade East (London)

Rough Trade is a chain of independent record shops throughout London and, more recently, Brooklyn. The East location specializes in post-punk and does live events. (Suggested by Kris Woods, Facebook)

20. Record City (Las Vegas)

"Record City in Las Vegas has the nicest employee who always adds something special or gives you something free. They’re really well priced too!" —xoxolindseylou

21. House of Guitars (Rochester, New York)

"(The Great) House of Guitars in Rochester, New York! It's billed as the 'Largest Guitar Store in the World,' plus it has a huge wall of famous signatures!" —nikkiz424ca175c


22. Waterloo Records (Austin)

"I’m sure everyone’s going to be saying this, but I love Waterloo here in Austin. They have it all— new and old." —katieb498db7e29

23. Borderline Music (Chicago)

"If you love a good pop diva, past, present, or future, and want some vintage stuff spanning Madonna's entire career, Borderline in Chicago was one of the coolest stores I've been to." —Justin Touchette, Facebook

24. Piccadilly Records (Manchester, U.K.)

The shop, over 30 years old, is known as one of the U.K.'s best independent stores, and often carries debut releases from local bands. (Suggested by madelinec4851b126b)

25. Wuxtry Records (Athens, Georgia)

"Wuxtry is where REM played some of their first gigs." —Jordan Tomblin, Facebook

26. LUNA Music (Indianapolis)

"LUNA Music here in Indy— best damn record shop in the Corn State." —Hannah Asher, Facebook

27. Amoeba Music (San Francisco and Los Angeles)

"Amoeba Records in Haight-Ashbury. Hands down the largest selection I’ve ever seen." —squeedledee

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