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    25 Reasons To Feel Better About Yourself Right Now

    It could always be worse.

    1. You weren't part of this handshake.

    2. Or this high five.

    3. Or the most painfully awkward three-person fist bump of all time.

    4. You didn't walk clear off this pier.

    5. You didn't trip on national television.

    6. A plastic bag didn't try to silence you.

    7. A treadmill isn't out to get you.

    8. You aren't this guy.

    9. Or this guy.

    10. Or this girl.

    11. You weren't stopped in your tracks.

    12. You and your game show partner didn't totally blow it in front of everyone.

    13. You know how doors work.

    14. You probably know how to put on a hat.

    15. You didn't nearly poke someone's eye out.


    16. You didn't attempt the fist-shake-five.

    17. No cameras caught you struggling to stay awake in your sailor uniform.

    18. Ariana Grande didn't snub you.

    19. This didn't happen to you.

    20. You didn't walk onto set carrying a ream of paper instead of your iPad.

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    21. You didn't wander into the President's speech.

    22. Or onto the Emmy stage.


    23. You weren't the only one in the crowd left hanging.


    24. You know how to drink from a water bottle.

    25. And you aren't Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind man.


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