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Posted on Oct 19, 2014

21 People Who Have Some Explaining To Do

We aren't mad. We just have some questions.

1. This curious diner.

Were you trying to open a secret portal?

2. This traveling businessman.

What about them??

3. The person who turned 50 Cent's tweet into a framed poster.

So is this part of a collection, or…?

4. This artist.

Where do you get your ideas???

5. These partners in crime.

Was it a bank robbery? It looks like it was probably a bank robbery.

6. The owner of this shirt.

Olivia Cannon

Where did you get it? Did you MAKE it? Are there more???

7. The creator of these vampire teeth.

No offense, but have you ever seen a vampire?

8. This student.

Are you mobile? Are you comfortable? Are you all scrunched up, or just really tiny?

9. This concertgoer.

Have you recovered?

10. This hiker.


11. This guy.

Are you two still together?

12. Whoever noticed this uncanny resemblance.

Like, did the frog remind you of Harry, or vice versa?

13. This lovesick employee.

Are you OK?!?

14. Gizmo.

Do you know no fear?

15. The writer of these Bagel Bites instructions.

Uhhhh, how dare you? You don't know my life.

16. The person behind these decorations.

17. This chip company.

What flavor do our little lady fingers get?

18. This aspiring artist.

Like...the hedgehog?

19. Whoever named this spot.

You're the "dude chilling," aren't you?

20. This baker.

What are you saying that warrants an apology cake?

21. And this lecturer.

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