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16 One Direction Souvenirs You Can Buy In London, Ranked

I went to London and found out that there are so many things you can put the faces of One Direction on. Presented from worst to best.

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11. Collectible keychain

Great in and of itself, but this store inexplicably did NOT have Louis and for a brief moment the panic of "BUT WHAT IF I CAN'T COLLECT THEM ALL" was unbearable.

10. Singing keychain

Pros: Just one keychain (no pressure to "collect them all"), shaped like a heart (for love)

Cons: Very small (can barely make out angelic faces), doesn't play "Best Song Ever"


9. Writing utensils

Pretty standard as a whole, but there's a hierarchy even within them. From worst to best: pencils (worn down too easily), markers (when was the last time you used a marker???), GEL PENS


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