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25 Ridiculously Romantic Moments That Made Us Cry In 2015

Grab a tissue.

1. Markie spent a month secretly taking scuba lessons so she could give Sarah an epic underwater proposal.

2. 90-year-old Bill Moore was reunited with a lost love letter he wrote to his wife Bernadean during World War II.

Here's an excerpt:

My darling, lovable, alluring, Bernadean,

I ran out of space, but I could have written a lot more adjectives describing you. You are so lovely, darling, that I often wonder how it is possible that you are mine. I'm really the luckiest guy in the world, you know. And you are the reason, Bernadean. Even your name sounds lovely to me.
It's just when I get so horribly, terribly lonely for you that I write letters like this. I have never been so homesick for anyone in my life as I am for you.

3. Tim Murphy surprised his wife — who was struggling with depression — with a list of all the reasons he loves her.

4. This guy proposed to his girlfriend with a PUPPY.

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5. This couple turned their long distance relationship into a stunning photo project.

Facebook: video.php

6. Scientist Caleb M. Brown proposed to his girlfriend Lorna at the end of a study on a new species of dinosaur.

7. Jack Evans, 85, and George Harris, 82, were the first gay couple to get married in Dallas after the Supreme Court ruling.

8. And Richard Dowling and Cormac Gollogly became Ireland's first married gay couple.

9. Hyong Yi wrote and handed out 100 love letters to strangers, in honor of his late wife.

10. Lori Interlicchio surprised her girlfriend — who has lupus — with the news that she would be her much-needed kidney donor.

Facebook: video.php

"It was really unbelievable and rather shocking that this woman in front of me, a perfect stranger I had met on Tinder, someone I love, was a match for me in more ways than one," she said.

11. Ed Hemmes married his third grade crush after tagging her in a Facebook photo.

12. Lucas D’Onofrio proposed to high school sweetheart Tamara Bruzzo on her last day of chemotherapy.

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"She came all the way to me holding her IV machine where I was standing with the bouquet of roses and that’s when I proceeded to say something nice, romantic, and cheesy, as I choked and tried to hold back a tear or two," Lucas said.

13. Scott Worgan proposed to Caitlin, with the help of their two adorable daughters.

14. Alex Johnson proposed to his girlfriend Brey Dorsett in the middle of a one-on-one game.

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It's Love & Basketball IRL.

15. Jim Russell surprised his wife in the hospital for their 57th anniversary.

16. Brian Flynn had artist (and friend) Dylan Bonner reimagine his girlfriend as Disney princesses for a Valentine's gift.

"At first I was in disbelief — like, ‘Is that my face in a Disney drawing?’ — but then I was just amazed by the artistry and what a thoughtful and deeply personal gift Brian and Dylan created," Manini Gupta said. "I can’t believe Brian kept this secret for three months. When it comes to surprises, he’s normally the worst secret keeper."

17. Kenneth Denson and Gabriel Mendez-Denson shut down their comic book store so they could get married as soon as the Supreme Court verdict on same sex marriage was announced.

18. A woman in New Zealand left a sweet handmade poster for a guy she had a ~ moment ~ with in town.

The community banded together to find him, and the couple went on a date!

19. A JetBlue flight team threw an impromptu mid-flight wedding for a couple on their way to elope.

Dina and Chas couldn't afford a big wedding, because of their student loan debt and low-paying nonprofit jobs. So the flight team surprised them.

20. Anita Lesko and Abraham Talmage Nielson got married at the Love & Autism conference in San Diego — and everyone involved in the wedding identified as being on the autism spectrum.

21. This incredible story about a man cycling from India to Sweden just to be with his wife took over the internet.

Facebook: satyaroland

Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia travelled for four months and three weeks on his bicycle to be with Charlotte Von Schedvin. The romantic feat happened in 1977 but it reminded everyone that true love exists when it went viral on Facebook in December.

22. This adorable couple re-created meet-cute from 101 Dalmations for their engagement photos.

23. This marine found love after becoming an internet celebrity on Imgur.

After Imgur user Wlfqueen07 saw the photo of the marine, she knew she had to reach out — and it turned out he lived just a few towns over. They've been together since meeting up.

24. This guy surprised his girlfriend with a visit from her two favorite famous corgis.

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The best gift anyone could ever hope for.

25. And a GUM commercial went and melted everyone's hearts.

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