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    19 Christmas Cards That Will Put Yours To Shame

    'Tis the season for hilarious family photos.

    1. This one from the son who wanted to assure his parents that he was making good decisions in Los Angeles.

    2. This one from a couple that wanted to show off their unique parenting style.

    3. This one from these roommates who wished to display their deep bonds.

    4. This one from the couple that has their priorities in order this season.

    5. This winner from the guy who isn't afraid to pull out all the stops.

    6. This card that takes phonics to a whole new level.

    7. This card that shows the family at its best.

    8. This gem from the winter wonderland.

    9. This gem from the couple with a sense of humor.

    10. This card that will gives us all nightmares for years to come.

    11. This flawless reenactment.

    12. This unsettling group shot.

    13. This face swap that will haunt your dreams.

    14. This accurate depiction of being single for the holidays.

    15. This portrayal of brutal honesty.

    16. This 21st century family portrait.

    17. This grandma who enjoys Christmas carols a little TOO much.

    18. These girls who took the meaning of joy to a whole new level.

    19. And these girls who know the real reason for the season.