Disney's First Live-Action Interracial Kiss Is Not In "Beauty And The Beast"


    In an interview with BBC Radio 4's Front Row, the director of the live-action Beauty and the Beast said his film features the first and second interracial kiss in a Disney film.

    The story was picked up by other news outlets March 3, including Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour.

    But ah, memory is short: The woefully overlooked 2002 Cuba Gooding Jr. film Snow Dogs is a live-action Disney movie that features an interracial kiss.

    Are there other interracial kisses in live-action Disney movies? My co-worker said High School Musical 3: Senior Year features at least one (see below) and also that it came out in theaters — I had no idea about either! Please tell us if there are others in the comments!

    For now, enjoy this screenshot of a (surprisingly hot?) kiss between Cuba Gooding Jr. and Joanna Bacalso.

    BuzzFeed News reached out to Disney for a comment from Condon and the studio about the mix-up.