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The 16 Best Chance The Rapper Moments Of 2016

Our lil Chano is all grown up.

1. When he released his third mixtape, Coloring Book.

2. When he threw his own music festival.

3. When he bought back tickets from scalpers to sell to fans at face value.

I took back almost 2k #MCD tix from fuckboy scalpers and made them into physicals. And these are just floor seats

4. When he told Kanye West to put "Waves" back on The Life Of Pablo.

It’s Chance's fault the album not out yet… he really wanted Waves on that Bitch… we in the lab now...

5. And we were ALL thankful for it.

6. When he attended the VMAs and we got this gem.

Chance really pretending to be those floaties that be infront of car washes lmfaooo

7. And this one.

8. And of course this one.

9. When he developed a bromance with President Obama.

10. When he made this Kit Kat commercial.

View this video on YouTube

11. When he became a Halloween costume.

12. I mean...c'mon.

13. When he endorsed this petition to allow free music to be eligible for the Grammys.

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences : Allow free music to be eligible for Grammy nominati... via @Change

14. And then put out this ad in Billboard.

Like everything he does, @chancetherapper's Grammy consideration ad in the new @billboard is not like the others

15. And then made history by being the first streaming-only album to ever be nominated.

Glory be to God. I'm nominated for 7 #grammys. Thank you to everyone who worked on Coloring Book, I love you.

16. When he was the last musical guest on Saturday Night Live for 2016.

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He performed earlier in the year on the show when he joined Kanye for "Ultralight Beam" but he ended it on his own terms performing "Finish Line/Drown" with fellow Chicago rapper Noname and "Same Drugs." He also bid farewell to Obama with a Run DMC inspired sketch.

Congrats on the amazing year, Chance. Here's to 2017!

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