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If You Have Never Seen "Star Wars" Before

Glad you asked!

Star Wars is coming out this weekend!


Typical level of excitement if you're not a fan.

You probably never get the jokes or feel connected when people use Star Wars references IRL.


So how do you let the force of not caring still be with you while super fans are reciting quotes?

Empty a box of wine into a trash can when someone starts talking about a jedi, R2D2, or the hairy chewbacca thing.


Take big gulps and give your best "pretending to care" face.

Since this movie has probably taken all your friends, family and Christmas away from you this weekend, grab a travel magazine and paste photos of you next to hot models in a fabulous vacation collage.

Paramount Pictures


If you're not being dragged to see the movie this weekend, throw a party with your other friends who don't care!

Comedy Central

Well, more than likely it will be a party of one since almost everyone is obsessed and probably already waiting in line for a ticket.

There are also way cooler movies being released this weekend.

Fox 2000 Pictures

Go see Alvin and the Chimpmunks: The Road Chip or Sisters.

Of course whenever someone finds out you haven't seen any of the movies they want to start a movie marathon rally. IF you must compromise there's only one movie to watch: Spaceballs.


It's like if Star Wars had a funnier, hotter older brother.

Basically just remain united in our zero-fucks-given bliss.

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This post was inspired by joygcummings from Facebook. BuzzFeed loves you!