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    32 Times Black Men Played Black Women On "SNL"

    In 37 years, Saturday Night Live has had 137 cast members, and only four of them have been African-American women. But the show's nine male African-American cast members have played just about every black woman ever.

    This past weekend, Saturday Night Live poked fun at its diversity problem. This list should help demonstrate exactly how bad that problem is.

    1. Oprah

    Tim Meadows portrayed Oprah Winfrey during the "Oprah" skit on May 9, 1998.

    2. Wilma McNabb

    3. Whoopi Goldberg

    Kenan Thompson was Whoopi Goldberg during Weekend Update on March 13, 2010.

    4. Dr. Vivian Stam

    5. Tina Turner

    Garrett Morris performed on SNL as Tina Turner in the 1970s.

    6. Diana Ross

    Garrett Morris portrayed Diana Ross during the "Weekend Update" skit on Nov. 4, 1978.

    7. Claudine Parker

    8. Raven Symoné

    Kenan Thompson impersonated former Disney Channel star Raven Symoné in March 2011.

    9. Virginiaca Hastings

    10. Chaka Khan

    Kenan Thompson played Chaka Khan during "The LaToya Jackson Show" skit on Dec. 6, 2008.

    11. Mrs. Stapleton

    12. Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shephard

    In a skit parodying The View from March 2009, Kenan Thompson was Whoopi Goldberg and Tracy Morgan was Sherri Shepherd.

    13. Eleanor Johnsonduring

    14. Star Jones

    Both Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson took turns performing as Star Jones over their years on the cast.

    15. LaWanda Page

    Tracy Morgan portrayed American actress and comedienne LaWanda Page during "Super Buzzers" skit on March 2, 2002.

    16. Florida Evans of Good Times

    Kenan Thompson portrayed the character of Florida Evans during the Good Times skit on April 10, 2004.

    17. Barbara Birmingham

    18. Lil' Kim

    Kenan Thompson was Lil' Kim during "The Search for the Next Doll" skit on March 17, 2007.

    19. Cynthia McKinney

    Kenan Thompson portrayed American politician Cynthia McKinney during an Anderson Cooper 360 skit on April 8, 2006.

    20. Quvenzhané Wallis

    Comedian Kevin Hart played 9-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis when he hosted SNL in March 2013.

    21. Robbin Grider and Lorena Porter Shelby

    22. Maya Angelou

    Tracy Morgan portrayed author Maya Angelou during Weekend Update on Jan. 12, 2002.

    23. Deronica and Yonette

    24. Bobbi Kristina Brown

    Kenan Thompson portrayed Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown in a skit on Dec.13, 2003.

    25. Fatasia Divine

    26. Tracy Chapman

    Tim Meadows played singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman during "The Sinead O'Connor Awards" skit on Feb. 23, 1991.

    27. Doreen

    28. Aretha Franklin

    Both Tracy Morgan and Kenan Thompson have played songstress Aretha Franklin on SNL. Morgan played her during the "J.Lo vs. Mango" skit on Feb. 10, 2001, while Thompson played her during an Access Hollywood skit on Oct. 22, 2005.

    29. Starkeisha

    30. Venus and Serena Williams

    Tracy Morgan and Dean Edwards were Venus Williams and Serena Williams during the "Tennis Talk" skit on Nov. 16, 2002.

    31. Missy Elliott

    Tracy Morgan portrayed Missy Elliott during "Dropping the LBs with Missy E" skit on Nov. 9, 2002.

    32. Danielle