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29 African-American Proverbs That You Grew Up Hearing

A proverb (from Latin: proverbium) is a brief, popular saying that expresses a truth based on common sense.

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This hilarious Tumblr reminds us of the words we lived by.

18. “All shut eyes ain’t sleep.”

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Just because someone is or appears to be sleeping (literally or figuratively) doesn’t mean they’ve stopped listening or paying attention to what’s going around them.

19. “You better eat while we’re here, ‘cause I’m not cooking when we get home.”

NBC / Via youworkit.co.uk

Common saying among black parents at social gatherings, e.g., barbecues, picnics, church functions.

24. “That ain’t nothing but the devil.”

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Usually meant to discredit negative diagnoses, verdicts, gossip, new technology, or music/other forms of entertainment considered distasteful.

Check out the African-American Proverb Tumblr for more!

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