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15 Reasons "Dune" Is Absolutely Worth Checking Out

Very soon, the legend will be born.

After being pushed back a year by the pandemic, the cinematic release of Dune is almost upon us.

promotional image of Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in Dune

15. The star-studded cast.

Paul and Chani from "Dune" with blue eyes

14. It set the stage for Star Wars.

The desert planet Arrakis from "Dune"

13. It's directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Denis Villeneuve

12. The early reviews are glowing.

Chani from "Dune" staring at the screen

11. It's Part One of the whole story.

Paul from "Dune" with a crysknife

10. The screenwriters.

Eric Roth

9. The story.

Paul and co. looking at the burning Arrakis in "Dune"

8. The characters.

House Atreides arriving on Arrakis in "Dune"

7. The sandworms look amazing.

Paul standing beneath a sandworm in "Dune"

6. The cinematography.

Paul walking on a beach in "Dune"

5. Hans Zimmer is composing the score.

Hans Zimmer

4. The action.

Paul and co. flying away from a sandworm in "Dune"

3. The unique setting.

Chani from "Dune" on Arrakis

2. It's a reboot of the original.

Paul from "Dune" Screaming

1. It could be the next big film franchise.

Paul from "Dune" wearing gold armor

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