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    Just 23 Things On Amazon New Pet Owners Should Subscribe To

    Save yourself the trip to the pet store and get these essentials delivered to your door each month.

    1. A tub of Milk-Bone treats, because Bark Vader isn't doing squat unless you give him a little sumthin' sumthin'. These beef-flavored bites will have him sitting, staying, and rolling over.

    The tub held up fresh from the delivery box

    2. A 15-ounce pack of Greenies pill pockets. Who knew getting Aroo2-D2 to take his vitamins could be *so* easy? Hide the medicine inside the treats' hollow core and voila! He won't suspect a thing.

    The treats, held in an open palm next to two pills

    3. A tub of Temptations cat treats to curry favor with the very independent *z-snaps* Purrincess Leia. These are crunchy on the outside with a creamy filling on the inside. I'm not a cat, but that sounds yummy!

    A cat eating from an opened tub of Temptations

    4. A box of eight extra thick poop bags, because I can't imagine a worse nightmare than picking up Jabba the Mutt's smelly byproducts with a torn bag. Eeek! If you're particularly sensitive to bad smells, you can get the lavender-scented one.

    A roll of poop bag held up close to the camera

    5. A bag of clumping cat litter, so you never run out at the worst time. You don't want Uncle Meowen to have nothing to bury his smell bombs under, do you? Plus, this one clumps up around your kitty's byproducts, keeping the litter from smelling for longer.

    The bag placed in the corner of the room

    6. A box of 24 Purina Fancy Feast cat food, because you'll quickly find that your kitty cats prefer the wet stuff more than the dry stuff. Give 'em what they want! (P.S. it's chicken and gravy flavored.)

    An opened can held up to the camera

    7. A pack of 100 Glad training pads for puppers who don't *quite* know how to tell you when they need to go potty. These pads are amazing because they turn liquid to gel, so no more leaking!

    The bag of training pads, held closely to the camera

    8. A three-pack of Febreze odor eliminator. Just because you're an animal lover living with your quadruped friends doesn't mean your house has to smell like the zoo.

    A close-up of the spray bottle

    9. A pack of 28 Pedigree Dentastix so General Mutti can have a bright smile. This'll keep his breath nice for you when he pounces to give you kisses.

    The Dentastix, held up in front of a dog

    10. A bone toy that can withstand even the most powerful chompers of the most aggressive chewers. Plus, it's bacon-flavored, and who doesn't want to munch on that?!

    The bone held up in front of a dog

    11. A fish-shaped cat toy to entertain Empurrror Palpawtine for hours while you sit on the couch and relax, sipping red wine. This one has catnip inside, just in case your cat is the picky type who likes to ignore new toys.

    Three of the toys, with one placed on an open palm

    12. A paw moisturizing stick, because if *you* hate having dry, chapped hands, best believe that Bark Sidius hates it, too. On top of that, it'll also soothe cuts and paw allergies. Amazing!

    Two before-and-after pictures, from dried to smooth paws

    13. A 12-pack of Blue dog food, so you don't have to keep going to the damn pet store to restock your pantry. You can serve these meals by themselves or mix them in with dry food. Whatever floats your dog's boat!

    A close-up of the can of dog food

    14. A pack of three cat scratchers, because let's be honest, you'll need a lifetime supply of those if you want Baby Meowda to scratch *the right* thing and not your carpet, furniture, or curtains.

    The scratcher with cat lying on top

    15. A pack of lavender-scented compostable wipes for when Pawdme Amidala leaves a little sumthin' sumthin' for you to clean up after potty number two. These tails don't wipe themselves, people!

    The pack of wipes, unopened, next to a dog

    16. A Chuckit indoor plush ball, especially if Rawr Rawr Binks' favorite game is fetch. The material on this one will absorb slobber, so that's a huge plus. (No slimy hands here!)

    The ball lying next to a sleeping pup

    17. An Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer, because sometimes the litter box can still smell icky no matter how often you take out the stink bombs. Save yourself the trip to the dumpster and get this. Your nose will thank you.

    A close-up of the deodorizer's packaging

    18. A topical flee prevention treatment. Just because you wanted to adopt the Meowdolorian doesn't mean you wanted to adopt the creepy crawlies that might hop on with him. It's fragrance free AND waterproof for 24 hours.

    A box of the treatment, held open to reveal its content

    19. A bath brush that'll turn bath time from a bore and a hassle to ~spa day~. But hold on a minute! If bath time's still a while a way, you can use this as a de-shedding tool. Talk about multi-functional!

    The brush, secured to someone's hand

    20. A Burt's Bees all-natural and tearless shampoo that's gentle on Boba Fetch's eyes, making bath time a lot less scary. This also has conditioner, so your pupper's coat will be shiny and ~soft~. Now THAT makes for GREAT cuddles.

    A close-up of the shampoo, placed on a purple blanket

    21. A pack of catnip, because you're not the only one who likes to get lit on a Saturday afternoon. Grab a glass of wine, so you and Pawss Khaa can par-tay ~together~.

    The tub of catnip with cat trying to break in

    22. A box of multi-surface Swiffer mopping pads. Let's be honest, once you have a pet in the house, you'll be doing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of cleaning. These pads are wet, so they'll trap fur, rather than just swishing it around.

    A close-up of two pads, one (left) is reusable and the other (right) is disposable

    23. A 6-pound bag of Blue dry dog food for Wilwoof Tarkin. Sure, dogs prefer wet food (it's a universal *fact*), but it's good to have a ~balance~. Plus, wet food is usually more expensive, so this will give your wallet a break.

    The bag of dog food, standing next to a pug

    You after realizing you don't need a trip to the store to get stuff for your pets.

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