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The Most-Documented Celebrity Pregnancies Of 2012

Kate Middleton and the cast of Teen Mom have something in common. They generated some of the most pregnancy speculation of any celebs this year, as measured by mentions on tabloid covers.

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1. Kate Middleton: 13 Covers

Arthur Edwards, Pool / AP

You weren't imagining it: The Duchess of Cambridge was the subject of the most pregnancy hysteria this year, with 13 mentions on the covers of major tabloids. The publications were calling for "A Baby for Christmas" in November and announcing the impending arrival of twins since September.


4. Jennifer Aniston: 8 Covers

David Livingston / Getty Images

Her number is strikingly high for someone who has never actually confirmed a pregnancy. But her supposed baby fever has long been part of the tabloids' narrative about her. "After years of disappointment," reads one cover line, "Jen and fiance Justin are expecting a baby girl next May."


Thanks to Jezebel's Midweek Madness, the most complete archive of tabloid covers we know of, and an invaluable aid in our count.

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