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    21 Bizarre-Looking Foods That’ll Make Picky Eaters Squirm

    Pickled pigs feet, anyone?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest foods they've ever seen. Here are the intriguing results.

    1. Piure

    2. Pickled pigs feet

    3. Pacific geoduck

    4. Koolickles

    5. Balmain bug

    6. Decaisnea, aka "dead man's fingers"

    7. Buddha's hand

    8. Huitlacoche, aka "corn smut"

    9. Lato, aka "sea grapes"

    10. Finger limes

    11. Nattō

    12. Durian

    13. Oyster mushrooms

    14. Noni fruit

    15. Mangosteen

    16. Kinhason

    17. Ugli Fruit

    18. Lion's mane mushroom

    19. Percebes, aka "goose barnacles"

    20. Olive loaf

    21. And Balut

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