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Posted on Mar 21, 2017

What's The Weirdest-Looking Food You've Ever Seen?

C’mon, adventurous eaters.

Food is a magical thing, and some cuisine is so incredible-looking that it's actually kinda shocking.

(This is called a winter bamboo shoot.)

Like maybe you've seen goose barnacles IRL, which are rare and gorgeous and supposedly DELICIOUS.


Perhaps you've chomped down on some rambutan, a fruit from Southeast Asia that looks like a sea urchin.

Or maybe you've had the pleasure of eating oyster mushrooms, which can look verrrry much like human organs when you cook them.

Just saying.

Food can be a work of art, so tell us: What's the weirdest-looking food you've ever seen?

A romanesco, a cauliflower/broccoli-like veggie that looks like a work of art.

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