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23 Haunted College Campuses That'll Scare The Shit Out Of You

Because ghosts are almost as scary as student loans.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the haunted colleges they went to. Here are the spine-tingling results.

1. Gettysburg College — Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

"The campus is teeming with Civil War-era spirits, because Pennsylvania Hall, now an administrative building, was used as a hospital and communications post for both sides during battle.”

—Claudia Artandi

2. St. Louis University — St. Louis

"The case that inspired The Exorcist partially took place at the university rectory in 1949, but it got too intense and had to be moved to the Alexian Brothers hospital nearby. At times, the paranormal activity here is so much that the air is just dripping with dread."


3. Savannah College of Art and Design — Savannah, Georgia

"One of the halls used to serve as a jail. Buildings sit atop forgotten graves of all kinds of people. Over the years, bloody battles, fires, and epidemics have taken hundreds of lives, leaving behind unsettled spirits."

—Addi Wood, Facebook

4. The University of Alabama — Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"There's an old asylum on campus where people used to get cremated. People have seen ghosts in Confederate garb on foggy nights, and most hauntings have happened in buildings that have been there since the war."


5. College of Charleston — Charleston, South Carolina

"Charleston is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in America. I used to live in Berry Hall, which was built after an orphanage burned down, killing two kids. The creepiest moment was when I woke up one night during a storm to what felt like a child playing with my toes."


6. Flagler College — St. Augustine, Florida

"My sister went there and had several experiences — Flagler’s ghost is still active, and the spectre of a woman in black wanders the top West Wing floor of the women's dorm."


7. Ohio University — Athens, Ohio

"There's a former asylum on the grounds, and the campus has been featured on the show Scariest Places on Earth. From former students, professors, and mental health patients who haven't crossed over, I'd assume almost every student has a ghost story."

—Laura Jo Richards, Facebook

8. University of North Texas — Denton, Texas

"There's a little ghost girl in the auditorium, two entities in the music dorms, several haunted houses on campus, and the school is right next to Goatman’s Bridge — one of the most haunted places in the southern U.S.!"


9. Coe College — Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"The women’s-only dorm is haunted by a girl named Helen, a student who died of pneumonia in the infirmary. She also haunts her old dorm room. Friends of mine who lived there said she was friendly, but it still sent shivers down my spine."


10. Moravian College — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

"Brethren Hall was a revolutionary war hospital, and the basement would store bodies in the winter when the ground was too frozen to bury them. It's locked up now due to trespassers, but the maintenance guys always have horror stories to tell of apparitions."


11. Saint Mary's — Notre Dame, Indiana

"An archivist found the bones of a girl on campus years ago, and ever since the story spread, people claim to have seen her near the lake late at night. Other students see 'Mary,' the spirit of another girl who hung herself in a dorm."

—Beatrice Jane, Facebook

12. Fordham University — New York City

"One of the dorms used to be an old medical building, and the basement was the morgue, and people have reportedly felt pulling on their feet in the middle of the night in their beds."


13. Mount Holyoke College — South Hadley, Massachusetts

"We have [women's education pioneer] Mary Lyon’s grave smack-dab in the middle of campus. There's also the spirit of a student who roams the halls. Our past president is rumored to have spent a night in there, and was so horrified that it's been locked ever since."


14. Benedictine University — Lisle, Illinois

"There are quite a few spirits, like those of monks, and of a little boy with blue shorts. There used to be an orphanage nearby, which is where the story about the boy originated from; and the monks still roam because there's an underground tunnel connecting the abbey to the campus today."

—Zeba Haseeb

15. Chestnut Hill College — Philadelphia

"From the Red Eye Room where a girl died, to the rotunda where a nun threw herself off the fifth floor, there are a lot of scary places on campus. There used to be a hall of masks where footsteps would randomly appear on the carpet late at night."


16. University of Montevallo — Montevallo, Alabama

"It's actually one of the most haunted places in Alabama. At the beginning of each year we have ghost tours, where you can learn about Condie, the spirit who opens and closes doors and will run down the hall with her hair on fire."


17. Texas State University — San Marcos, Texas

"A girl in a white dress sometimes roams the halls of Scary Sterry residence hall late at night, and occasionally, the phones in Old Main will produce white noise and drop calls late at night, inexplicably."


18. Salem College — Winston Salem, North Carolina

"One dorm is haunted by a little girl who fell down an elevator shaft, and the spirits of two kids who were electrocuted in the early 1900s wander around the library today."


19. Salve Regina University — Newport, Rhode Island

"Carey Mansion has been featured on Ghost Hunters, and all the dorms are old mansions — including one that used to be a convent."


20. St. Cloud State University — St. Cloud, Minnesota

"Years ago, a student living in Shoemaker Hall became pregnant and hung herself in the meat locker in the basement. Now, students report objects moving at random, lights flickering, and, most spookily, the figure of the young woman drifting above their beds late at night."


21. Northeastern State University — Tahlequah, Oklahoma

"There are so many stories of girls who've died there since the early 1900s. The third floor of one of the dorms is the most haunted, because it was the hospital wing years ago. On some nights, you can see the old headmaster, Flo, peaking through a window."


22. St. Bonaventure University — St. Bonaventure, New York

"On the fifth floor of Devereux Hall lurks a black mass entity, and De La Roche Hall's third-floor ghost is a terrifying tale that new students always love to hear about."


23. North Central College — Naperville, Illinois

"There are at least six ghosts roaming Pfeiffer Hall, the theater that's been on campus since the 1920s. There are also stories of spirits wandering the streets near the North End, and rumors that the radio station is haunted."

—Carlie Sherman, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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