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    19 Times International Fast Food Went Too Far

    McSpaghetti sounds like it would hurt my tummy.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the craziest international fast food items they know of. Here are the wild results.

    1. KFC Double Down Dog — Philippines

    What it is: A juicy hot dog with a thick piece of chicken for a bun. THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF.

    —Tee Jay Maligro, Facebook

    2. Pizza Hut KitKat Pops — Middle East

    What they are: KitKats covered in pizza dough, which is actually pretty genius.


    3. McDonald's Gracoro Burger — Japan

    What it is: A wild sandwich with a breadcrumb-shell patty, stuffed with a mix of shrimp, macaroni, and white sauce. It actually sounds good, tbh.


    4. McDonald's McRice — Philippines

    What it is: White rice steamed, toasted, and shaped into patty form, topped with sesame seeds and used as buns.


    5. Dunkin' Donuts Dried Pork and Seaweed Donut — China

    What it is: A formerly pleasant doughnut ruined by dried pork and seaweed toppings.

    —Betty Jane Smith, Facebook

    6. Wendy's Surf and Turf Burger — Japan

    What it is: It's a friggin' beef patty topped with lobster, tomato, lettuce, and onions. LOBSTER AND BEEF!!!!!! SURE!!!

    Anna Kopsky

    7. Taco Bell Chocodilla — UK

    What it is: It's like a quesadilla, except instead of cheese filling, it's filled with gooey, warm chocolate. Yesssssssss.

    —Mallory Amanda, Facebook

    8. Burger King Premium Berry Burger — Japan

    What it is: A normal, glorious hamburger, ravaged by berries and berry compote. PLS STOP. I'm scared!!!!

    —Debbie Alsip, Facebook

    9. Pizza Hut Double Sensation — Singapore

    What it is: It's a pizza inside a pizza: In one ring of crust there's three types of cheese, and the other is stuffed with cheese AND meats. Get your plumbing system ready.

    —Jessica Coffey, Facebook

    10. McDonald’s Chicken McDo and McSpaghetti — Philippines

    What it is: A McDonald's chicken wing with a side of spaghetti, which are both pretty questionable...especially together. Why????

    Jon-Michael Poff

    11. KFC Cheese Doughnut — Indonesia

    What it is: A glazed doughnut...topped with shredded Swiss and cheddar cheese. 👏🏼 TOPPED 👏🏼 WITH 👏🏼 CHEESE 👏🏼 FOLKS. 👏🏼

    Chris Gera

    12. McDonald's Mashed Potato Beef Burger — China

    What it is: Two beef patties, bacon, and goopy, warm, slimy mashed potatoes, all together as one abominable meal.

    —Brendan Carey, Facebook

    13. McDonald’s Bubblegum McFloat — Hong Kong

    What it is: It's kinda like a root beer float, but with a bubblegum-flavored soda drink and whipped cream on top. No thanks.

    Brett Vergara

    14. KFC Popcorn Chicken Nacho Box — Australia

    What it is: Tortilla chips with shredded cheese, chopped tomatoes...and a lot of fried popcorn chicken for some reason?!?! Help.

    Caitlin Jinks

    15. Pizza Hut Cone Crust Pizza — Middle East

    What it is: A seemingly tame pizza with thick dough cones where regular crust should be. The cones can be stuffed with cream cheese or honey mustard chicken. CREAM CHEESE? STOP.

    Spencer Althouse

    16. Burger King Black Ninja Burger — Japan

    What it is: A bamboo charcoal bun, with a hash brown patty, garlic sauce, and a huge piece of Canadian bacon. This bad boy turns your poops green and smelly! Woo!

    —AJ Nevills, Facebook

    17. KFC Chizza — Philippines

    What it is: Deep-fried chicken covered in cheese and pizza toppings, because we don't deserve nice things.

    —Dan Richards, Facebook

    18. McDonald's Green Tea Oreo McFlurry — China

    What it is: Matcha-flavored ice cream mixed with Oreo bits. Why couldn't we just leave green tea as green tea? WHY DID WE HAVE TO TURN THIS INTO A DESSERT?


    19. And Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Crust — UK

    What it is: A pizza with mini cheeseburger patties for crust. What a time to be alive!

    Andrew Ziegler

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