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What's The Most Insane International Fast Food Item You've Ever Seen?

Pizza Hut Kit Kat Pops are REAL in the Middle East, y’all.

Fast food isn't meant to be elegant or perfect, but some concoctions can get really out of hand, really fast.

Taco Bell Guatemala


Maybe you heard of the KFC Double Down Dog in the Philippines, which uses a thick piece of chicken as a hot dog bun.

KFC Philippines

Perhaps you've been acquainted with the McDonald's Cheese Rice Balls in Japan, which are exactly what they sound like.

McDonald's Japan

Or maybe you know of Pizza Hut's Kit Kat Pops in the Middle East — those yummy chocolates you love, wrapped in pizza dough.

Pizza Hut

Fast food can get wild, so tell us: What's the craziest fast food concoction you've ever heard of?

McDonald's Japan

(Yeah, that's a McDonald's burger patty filled with shrimp, cream sauce, and noodles. WHAAAT?)

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