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18 Fucking Bizarre Things People Have Actually Purchased

"I commissioned a $200 custom stained glass portrait of my cat.”

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the dumbest shit they've ever bought. Here are the weird, funny, and pointless things they've spent money on.

1. "When I was 12, I bought these lights for $20 that clipped on your glasses for reading. The light illuminated like three words at a time, so you had to move your whole head to read."

Via, Kikkerland

"They were so heavy that they continuously made my glasses slip off my face. And, on top of all that, they left those annoying light spots in my field of vision for quite a while after. They literally damaged my eyes."



4. "I spent $200 when I was 22 on a necklace that was supposed to bring me good luck from the Mystic Alchemist."

6. "A $300 AstroTurf indoor dog potty. My puppy wanted absolutely nothing to do with it."

7. "The dumbest thing I ever bought was an 'acre of Mars.' I wanted to give one to my boyfriend."

Buy Mars

"I literally was so dumb, I thought they were selling actual acres of Mars for five bucks a piece. I ended up returning it to Groupon, and was so ashamed of my naïveté"



8. "A large stuffed Pusheen for $70 that I drunkenly bought on my birthday."

9. "A ‘Wax Vac’ from Bed Bath and Beyond. It didn’t work at all, and made my ears feel weird."

10. "Salt and pepper shakers shaped like squirrels. For no other reason but to look at them and laugh."

11. "I found this metal helmet at a bargain store for $15. I collect Lord of the Rings replicas, but this is obviously not one, and it has literally no purpose."

"It's been sitting on the floor in my room for months, and my boyfriend makes fun of me for buying it each time he looks at it. At least it's kinda cool and wasn't crazy-expensive."



12. "A friend of mine bought expensive-ass math books from a girl who he thought was cute, but he didn't even need them."

13. "I spent a heavy chunk of change on this bead art of the ship OtaYuri from the anime Yuri!!! on Ice at a convention."

"My family and friends all think I’m incredibly stupid for buying this, but I just had to get it upon seeing it. It was the only one available so... I just had to!"


14. "I've spent almost $200 on Neopets over the past couple years and I'm an adult."

15. "My boyfriend bought a Winbot, which is basically a Roomba for your windows. He didn't believe the reviews, and it shattered our huge loft window.",

"You suction cup the little machine to the window and it 'automatically cleans' it. EVERY SINGLE review said, 'Do not buy, it will break your windows!' Of course, he didn't listen."



16. "I was a little out of it on medicine when I was really sick, and a week later I got $70 worth of PEZ and PEZ dispensers."

17. "I wanted this dumb thing I always saw on TV called the Fushigi. When I got it in the mail, 7-year-old me realized it was just a metal ball surrounded in glass."

Magnetic Gadgets / Via

"I thought it was going to be the coolest thing and I was super excited to learn all of the tricks from the ads."


18. "Drunk me spent $20 on a bunch of these tiny finger hands."

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