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19 Jokes Anyone Who’s Ever Been Drunk Will Fucking Love

Pls send help and some Taco Bell.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their favorite posts about being drunk. Here are the painfully real results.

Note: Not all submissions were sent in by Community users.

1. When a long week comes to an end and you're like, "I deserve this":

2. When you don't get as drunk as everyone else and have to be a goddamn hero:

—Chris Gera

3. When your friend checks on you, and you swear you're good:

—Betty Jane Smith, Facebook
Twitter: @itsmarleysilva

—Betty Jane Smith, Facebook

4. When you've had a few and your wallet feels thicker than usual:

5. When you try to be a good pal but alcohol isn't making it easy:

6. The moment you realize the alcohol has hit:

7. When you have to look out for your BFF, but you're also interested in life's possibilities:

8. When that *one* friend wants to keep adventuring, but you're ready to go home:

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook
Twitter: @angvs_

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

9. When you think you're done for the night, but then you're gifted with some sick beats:

—Spencer Althouse

10. When your body's ready to go home, but your brain isn't:

—Jordan Christine, Facebook
Twitter: @champagnediesel

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

11. And you think you're being a great direction-giver, but it's really going like this:

12. When someone offers to deliver you safely to your place of residence, and you're overcome with gratitude:

13. When you arrive home after six beers and you find literal treasure in your kitchen:

—Roxanne Aiko, Facebook

—Roxanne Aiko, Facebook

14. And when you snuggle up under the covers with your macaroni and cheese, reminiscing about your night:

15. When you know you have to wake up for work soon, but your drunk-ass body feels like you're spinning in outer space:

—Mallory Amanda, Facebook

—Mallory Amanda, Facebook

16. When you wake up to pee at 4 a.m. and you don't know what planet you're on:

17. When you open your texts the next morning and realize you were a different person the night before:

18. So you roll out of bed and painfully face reality:

19. And you promise you'll never let yourself suffer like this again, though deep down you know better:

—Brett Vergara

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