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19 Fucked-Up Wikipedia Pages You've Probably Never Heard Of

Don't look behind you.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which spooky Wikipedia pages freak them out. Here are the intriguing results.

WARNING: The following contains highly disturbing content. Please continue at your own discretion.

1. Euthanasia Coaster

3. John F. Kennedy autopsy (WARNING: VERY graphic picture.)

4. The murder of Shanda Sharer

5. Bubbly Creek, Chicago

7. SS Ourang Medan

8. Attachment therapy

10. Scaphism

11. Death by GPS

12. HAARP conspiracy theories

13. SCP Foundation and SCP creatures

15. Spiritualism

16. Rosalia Lombardo

17. List of missing aircraft

19. And Accelerating expansion of the universe

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