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    24 Perfectly Normal Things Horror Movies Have Ruined For All Of Us

    From dolls to birds to tanning beds.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community what irrational things they're afraid of because of horror movies. Here are the terrifying results.

    1. Getting sucked into your bed.

    New Line Cinema

    "I sleep on the edge now, thanks to A Nightmare on Elm Street."

    —Alison Wells, Facebook

    2. Logging trucks.

    New Line Cinema / Warner Bros.

    "Final Destination 2 ruined them for me. I swerve so fast when I'm behind one."

    —Zanna Haines, Facebook

    3. Birds.

    Universal Studios

    "Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds made them look vile instead of sweet."


    4. Dolls.

    United Artists

    "One word: Chucky."

    —Tara Kay, Facebook

    5. TV static.


    "I can't stop imagining the little girl from Poltergeist touching the static and going, 'They're heeeeeere.'"

    —Maggie Ferol McGwin, Facebook

    6. Mirrors.

    Blumhouse Productions

    "I feel like I'll wake up at night and see something or someone I don't want to see."

    —Gustavo Carmen López, Facebook

    7. Mannequins.

    Compass International Pictures

    "In Tourist Trap, people get stuck in a museum with mannequins and keep dying. So I don't trust those life-like dolls."


    8. Sewage drains.

    Lorimar Productions

    "Thanks, Pennywise in It."


    9. Hair in the shower drain.

    DreamWorks Studios

    "I can't clean my bathroom without thinking I’m tugging on the scalp of the girl from The Ring."


    10. Peepholes.


    "Ever since Saw 2, I'm afraid something will come through and gouge my eye out."

    —Anisa Mohamed, Facebook

    11. Open kitchen cabinets and drawers.

    Warner Bros.

    "I always assume it was the ghosts from The Sixth Sense."

    —Amanda Jane, Facebook

    12. Washing your hair.

    Universal Studios / Paramount Pictures

    "Ever since Psycho, I'm terrified I'll open my eyes and see a murderer there."

    —Camille Jet-Lynx Udunno, Facebook

    13. Tall people.

    RADiUS-TWC / Dimension Films

    "I know it's nuts, but I don't trust them after seeing It Follows."


    14. Answering the phone.

    Dimension Films

    "I don't want to end up like Drew Barrymore in Scream."


    15. Tanning beds.

    New Line Cinema / Warner Bros.

    "In Final Destination 3, those beds locked from the outside and catch fire, burning those girls alive. NOPE."


    16. Taking pictures.

    Blumhouse Productions

    "Remember in Insidious when possessed people showed up looking weird in photos?"


    17. Clowns.

    Lorimar Productions

    "Thanks a lot, Stephen King."


    18. String and thread.

    Dark Castle Entertainment

    "That guy getting all chopped up by a damn THREAD in Ghost Ship turned me into a paranoid mess."


    19. Lawnmowers.

    Alliance Films

    "That messed up scene where people are getting run over in Sinister gives me nightmares."


    20. Ventriloquist dummies.

    Universal Pictures

    "They're terrifying on their own, but Dead Silence showed them as tools for murder, which made them worse."


    21. Acupuncture.

    New Line Cinema / Warner Bros.

    "I'll never forget when that guy in Final Destination 5 falls off the table and the needles rupture his body."


    22. Corn fields.

    New World Pictures

    "Children of the Corn ruined damn corn fields for me."


    23. Balloons.

    Lorimar Productions

    "In It, when you see a balloon floating on its own, it means Pennywise the clown is nearby. That's terrifying."


    24. And your own damn bed.

    Columbia Pictures

    "The Grudge proved that you aren't safe anywhere."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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