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    9 Reasons To Appreciate The Scorpios In Your Life

    Happy Scorpio season!

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    1. Scorpios are the definition of ride-or-die. If you manage to win a place in their life, you'll never experience deeper loyalty.

    Scorpios are intense in a lot of ways, and how fiercely they care for Their People is no exception. They will support and protect the shit out of you.

    2. Speaking of Their People, showing loved ones they care is wildly important to them, so get ready to enjoy small gestures of friendship and tokens of appreciation.

    Given their shady rep (sorry, Scorps), you might be caught off guard by what thoughtful and considerate friends and partners they actually are.

    3. They have uncannily good intuition, so tbh, if they get a bad feeling about someone, you should trust them.

    Scorpios are often the canary in the coal mine — meaning, they're the first to know when something is amiss. You might think they're being quick to judge, but give it time. Their spooky-good judge of character will come out eventually.

    4. And that also means they pay attention — and will remember little details about you that you'll have no idea they picked up on.

    Not to be creepy, but whenever you think no one is bothering to pay attention to you, don't worry, a Scorpio probably is.

    5. Given their capacity for intense emotion, they're perfect to have personal and profound conversations with.

    Remember when you had sleepovers as a kid, and there was a magic hour when people started talking about deep shit because tiredness and giddiness combined to bring your guards down? Those are the conversations that Scorpios excel at, no sleepover magic required.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    6. Scorpios make bomb creative partners, because they have the drive and creativity to get shit done.

    And you can bet that what you make together will be meaningful and evocative (and okay, maybe even a little provocative).

    7. There is no question of whether or not they like you.

    If you're an over-thinker with friendship anxiety who convinces themselves every other day that their friends secretly hate them, you're not alone (seriously, I asked my therapist! It's common!). The thing is, with Scorpios, they don't have time for fake friendship — either they like you, or they don't, and you will know it. So breathe easy.

    8. On that note, thanks to that drive, Scorpios are winners, sooo you probably want to steal them for your team — for sports, trivia, board game night, whatever.

    ~Just don't bring them down~.

    9. You can count on them to take your secrets to the grave.

    Scorpios in general are very private (where do you think they get their mysterious reputation?) and that privacy extends to the people they care about. So you have someone to confide in for life.