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    9 Reasons To Appreciate The Libras In Your Life

    Happy Libra season!

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    1. Libras love bringing people together and creating communities.

    If anyone is able to curate a sitcom-worthy friend group, it’s a Libra. They’re social butterflies, yeah, but more than that, partnerships are just really, really important to them — so not only will they show up for you, they are generous in introducing you to other people you'll love, too.

    2. And they get along with pretty much everyone.

    They just have something about them that makes them so damn likable. Charming, friendly, warm, and quick to laugh, you never have to worry about bringing them to a party where they don't know anyone or introducing them to your partner or family. They're just that good.

    3. They’re open-minded and fair, so they’re not about to judge you too harshly when you fuck up — but they’ll also help you see how you can do better.

    You don’t have to be afraid to come to a Libra as you are — you know, a messy human who makes mistakes. A Libra won’t lie to make you feel better, but they will listen, reserve judgment, empathize with your point of view...but still point out the other side of things, and do it all so gently and compassionately that you won’t even realize you’re being nudged toward becoming your best self.

    4. Let’s be real — Libras' charm also extends to their flirting, and they make great wing-people.

    Libras love love, whether it’s snagging it for themselves or playing Cupid. Not to mention, they will be down to dissect every detail about your latest crush with you, and who doesn't love someone who will get as excited over your relationships as their own?

    5. And they are the friend that will *always* take a bomb photo of you.

    You know those friends — bless their hearts — who will take a picture of you, and fail to notice or care that you look like an actual gremlin??? Libras won’t do you dirty like that. They are creatures of beauty and have an eye for aesthetics and will art direct a damn photoshoot for your new profile pic if need be. They’ve got you.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    6. They will always be the peacemakers of any friend group, and can smooth out awkward situations.

    For better or for worse, Libras won't choose sides, so when drama pops up, they'll be the ones making sure it doesn't get out of hand. They hate conflict and just want everyone to get along, okay!!!

    7. Libras can work hard and play hard, making them perfect partners in crime.

    Or you know, life. Not endorsing crime here (and neither would they). But there’s no one better than someone who will stick by your side for the tough things and the fun things.

    8. They also love experiencing new things, especially things that broaden their world view.

    Hanging out with a Libra pretty much guarantees you'll become a slightly better person each time, because they're all about those enriching and cultural activities. Museums, classy dinners, offbeat classes...they always have something new they want to indulge in and are happy to bring you along.

    9. They’re just...genuinely nice people to be around.

    Kindness is such a quiet and underrated quality and Libras have buckets of it. Watch out that you don't take advantage of them, though. They've got tender hearts and a hard time saying no, so they will be there for you — so you have to make sure you return the favor and are worthy of their care.

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