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What Misconceptions Do Your Parents Have About Anxiety?

No, you're not being difficult because you can't call and make your own appointment.

Dealing with anxiety is hard, to say the least.

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Whether you have generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder, or something else, life can feel pretty overwhelming.

And it's even harder when you live under the roof of someone who may not get what it's like.

So we want to know: What messages can we pass along in an upcoming BuzzFeed Parents post?

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You know, just in case you haven't been able to have that conversation for whatever reason.

Maybe you need them to understand that you're not being difficult when you can't do a seemingly small, anxiety-inducing task.

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Or that you need them to be patient and let you take in large situations at your own pace.

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Or maybe you want them to know what anxiety actually feels like.

Maybe you wish they understood that just because you don't have a "reason" for feeling anxious doesn't mean it's not real.

Or that the most helpful thing they can do is listen (and let you take a mental health day every once and awhile).

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Tell us what you wish they understood in the comments below and your response could be featured in an upcoming post.

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