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    You Need To Watch "Jane The Virgin" Right This Second

    You need to do your heart a favor.

    LISTEN UP. Jane the Virgin's entire first season is on Netflix. The second season is still in its infancy. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. Your soul will thank you. Here are some reasons to get on it right now.

    1. Gina Rodriguez will literally leave you in awe.

    2. For real, though: You'll fall in love with Rodriguez both onscreen and off.

    3. And Jane Villanueva is just waiting to become one of your favorite characters of all time.

    4. The show's concept lends itself to hijinks of the highest degree.

    5. And not just Jane: This show is chock-full of characters to fall madly in love with.

    Jane is the center of the universe, but it's not just her you'll be coming back for. All of the Villanueva women will nestle themselves deep into your heart, alongside the wonderfully egotistical Rogelio De La Vega and the two very different men circling Jane's orbit.

    6. So far the second season is keeping the promises made by the first.

    7. It will make you laugh so hard you spit out your tea.

    8. It will also make you cry a lot and think about what love really means.

    9. You will want the Latin Love Narrator to narrate your entire life.

    The next time someone wrongs you or you need a time-out for some exposition, just call up the Latin Lover Narrator in your mind. He's there for you. He's there for all of us. The voice of the narrator, Anthony Mendez, even has the Outstanding Narrator Emmy nomination to prove it — he's undeniable.

    10. The ~look~ of the show alone will make you feel like you're wading into a warm bath.

    Lime greens! Pinks! Aquas! Purples! Jane the Virgin is a reminder, in the vein of Parks and Recreation: That television can make your soul feel good. That's present here everywhere from the characters to the wallpaper. Even when this show hits its dramatic peaks it still feels like a welcome vacation from whatever stressors are happening in the world offscreen.

    11. There's a lot to look at, uh, in general.

    12. It's not as annoying about the baby plot lines as most shows are.

    Let this show go down as proof to all others featuring the trials and tribulations of reproduction: Don't write about it unless you know how. This show knows how.

    13. The entire first season is on Netflix.