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35 Things To Buy Your Favorite Slytherin

Mind if they Slytherin to your gift bag?

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2. This cuddly blanket to get them through long winter nights in the dungeon.


8. This heavenly candle that will turn any space into Slytherin common room.

Amber, spruce, white sage, with hints of sandalwood, jasmine, evergreen, moss, cinnamon, and cedarwood — aka proof that Slytherin is definitely the best-smelling common room.

Get it from theleakycandle on Etsy for $13.


14. These fuzzy socks to keep them warm when it gets drafty in the dungeons.


21. These badges for the best of the best.


35. And finally, the Harry Potter series in Slytherin colors so they can relive the magic in style.

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