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35 Things To Buy Your Favorite Slytherin

Mind if they Slytherin to your gift bag?

1. This blunt print that will remind them every day to keep chasing their badass ambition.

2. This cuddly blanket to get them through long winter nights in the dungeon.

3. This minimalist poster so they're never really out of uniform.

4. This cheeky keychain that will poke fun at their ~dark reputation~.

5. This poster of wand movements in Slytherin colors so they can keep a leg up on the other Houses.

6. This pair of headphones to blast the Weird Sisters to tune out those loud, loud Gryffindors.

7. This messenger bag that will get them from Potions to Defense Against the Dark Arts in style.

8. This heavenly candle that will turn any space into Slytherin common room.

9. This subtle decal to show off House pride even when they're busy getting shit done.

10. This snarky cross-stitch that says it so they don't have to.

11. This notebook where they can keep track of all their cunning plans.

12. This chic poster for any snake who's a little dependent on coffee to achieve their ends.

13. This ring that glitters and shows off their most Slytherin trait.

14. These fuzzy socks to keep them warm when it gets drafty in the dungeons.

15. This bracelet for the snakes who like to wear their plans on their sleeves.

16. This brooch that will help people make no mistake who they are dealing with.

17. This no-nonsense notebook to help them keep track of all their goals.

18. This mug that serves as a casual reminder to their haters.

19. This pouch that no resourceful snake would ever be caught dead without.

20. This pillow that's at home in any (not really) evil lair.

21. These badges for the best of the best.

22. This tote that lets them show off their House colors everywhere they go.

23. This clock to help them utilize every hour of the day.

24. These serpent bookends to keep all their Potions books right where they belong.

25. This plaque for every snake who has moved from ruling Hogwarts to dominating the real world.

26. This mug that just about sums up what they're about.

27. This tie necklace that will help them suit up no matter what they're wearing.

28. This velvet choker that will add flair to any drab Hogwarts uniform.

29. This throw pillow that will add a dash of House pride to any room.

30. This wax seal to make any piece of Owl Post even more magical.

31. This dainty ring to subtly show off their mascot.

32. This sweatshirt that's perfect for boosting their team spirit.

33. This House points necklace to proudly display Slytherin's unquestionable lead.

34. These stylish coasters for keeping Butterbeer rings off their tables.

35. And finally, the Harry Potter series in Slytherin colors so they can relive the magic in style.

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