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    Posted on Oct 2, 2013

    18 Things You Might Actually Find By Dumpster Diving

    Turns out sifting through trash can be quite lucrative.

    1. Real, live, fluffy, adorable, dumpster kittens.

    Reddit user Ninjahoevinotour found a kitten in an Arby's dumpster. You paid $200 for yours. Not fair.

    2. Taylor Swift fan mail.

    Kylee Francescon / Via

    Earlier this year, a woman found hundreds of unopened letters to Tay Tay in the trash. Awkward.

    3. Pillsbury Doughboys.

    Steve Baker / Via Flickr: littlebiglens

    Another Reddit member scored 45 of these bad boys. Snaps, mcgrittles04.

    4. Winning lottery tickets.

    wetwebwork / Via Flickr: wetwebwork

    In 2005, a Rhode Island man found a ticket reportedly worth $1 million. BRB, dumpster diving.

    5. A fully functional arcade machine.

    The Straight Dope member MarsDragon found a working Centipede arcade machine in the trash. Well there go the next 3 years of that guy's life.


    A group of workers cleaning a Washington state garbage dump discovered a glass bottle full of plutonium - the same plutonium used to make the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan during WWII.

    7. Cold hard cash.

    $100,000 in cash was scooped up by three highway workers (there seems to be a running theme here) in Indiana.

    8. Milk. 80 liters of milk. Get excited.

    Mark Hillary / Via Flickr: markhillary

    Reddit user JamieKlinger struck gold with so. much. milk.

    9. Gaming consoles.

    If you still haven't had a chance to play GTA V then you probably need to hit up your local trash cans.

    10. Actual cars.

    11. A meth lab.

    Alamy / Via

    Yeah, a meth lab was found in a dumpster in Indiana. You want to say "aww" because you already miss Breaking Bad but you probably shouldn't.

    12. Confidential blueprints for the Freedom Tower.

    Reuters/Landov / Via

    In 2008, a homeless man found the prints for the Tower while sifting through some rubbish in New York. A+ security measures, guys.

    13. A stack of Playboys.

    14. Free McDonald's.

    Turbo Dog, a The Straight Dope user, claims they once found "20 Big Macs, 5 Filet-O-Fishes, several cheeseburgers and lots of French fries all in one-easy-to-carry-bag." That's a drunken man's dumpster-treasure.

    15. Very expensive art.

    AFP / Getty Images / Via

    In 2003, Elizabeth Gibson found a painting in the trash on the Upper West Side. Turns out the piece was a lost masterpiece by renowned Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo. The painting was auctioned off for over $1 million and Gibson received an unknown percentage.

    16. The script for Twilight: New Moon.

    A woman found a copy of the New Moon script in the garbage. What was a Twilight script doing in the garbage? Weird. Strange.

    17. A whopping 37 liters of Scandinavian spiced wine.

    Reddit user dalsgaard took home an assload of wine from their dumpster dive. Does anybody have dalsgaard's number?

    18. Bagels.

    Mmmm. Bagels.