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17 First Date Ideas For People Who Don't Drink

You can do more than chill at a bar!

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite alcohol-free first date ideas. Here are the sweetest results.

1. Grab a scoop of ice cream:

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"It's less formal than dinner, and more fun than coffee. If you live near a place with unique ice cream flavors, go there and enjoy tasting all the weird varieties before settling down with a scoop or two and conversation. If it's going well, you can follow up with a nice cup of coffee somewhere."



5. View the stars at the planetarium:

CoMix Wave Films / Via

"What could possibly be more inspiring than the cosmos? If they don't get it, you know they're not for you. It also wouldn't be an afternoon wasted because you spent it at the planetarium."


6. Put your brain to the test with a trivia night:


"You have something fun to do and can avoid small talk. Also, it gives you a chance to learn about each other by seeing what random things you both know."



8. Take a romp through the zoo:

joe robertson CC / Via Flickr: 16046854@N00

"You can talk and get to know each other while seeing and learning about cool animals. As a bonus, there are animals to distract you if the conversation lulls because you're nervous."


9. Get a little competitive at an arcade:

TV Asahi / Via

"If it's a ticket arcade like Dave and Busters, you can compete to see who gets the most. The winner gets a prize, which can be a cute memory of the first date."


10. Learn something new at a museum:

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"The artifacts provide conversation starters if you're feeling awkward, but it's also acceptable to look at things in silence. A lot of museums have little cafes attached so you can grab coffee after and talk more personally."



12. Play with shelter doggos and kitties in need of love:

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"Shelters can be a stressful environment for animals. Throwing a ball for them or taking them in a quiet room can work wonders. Even if the date doesn't work out, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than playing with animals!"


14. Movies are a classic:

Aardman Animations / Via

"You don't need to talk during a movie, so if things aren't going well, there's no pressure to force conversation. If it does go well, you can hold hands or even smooch."


15. Say hi to the fishies at the aquarium:

Studio Ghibli

"Go to an aquarium and learn about the creatures of the sea. After that, maybe go get food at a casual restaurant where they also have kickass dessert. Desserts always make everything better."



16. Go for a round of Putt-Putt:

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"My now boyfriend of almost two years took me mini golfing at a place that also serves homemade ice cream. It was super fun, casual, and low-key. We still go back as often as we can!"


17. And you can always just walk and wander and look around:

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"Find a park with a great walking path and go for a stroll! It's beautiful and romantic, but not aggressively so. It's also casual and great for getting to know someone."


Submissions have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

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