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The 86 Most Rewatchable Movies Of All Time

You know every line.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community what movie they can watch over and over without getting bored. Grab a bowl of a popcorn because here are their infinitely watchable suggestions.

1. Clueless

Paramount Pictures

Last year every single night during the school year I watched Clueless. I watched Clueless so much that I know every single line in that movie omfg. As you can imagine, once they took it off Netflix I felt completely empty. Still haven't recovered.



7. Across the Universe

Revolution Studios

It's packed full of symbolism and imagery, and I catch something new every time. It's my all-time favorite movie and I went through a phase where I watched it every day for almost a month!!



10. The Princess Bride

Act III Communications

The Princess Bride 100%. It's the perfect movie for any situation. Are you sad and need to get happy? Princess Bride. Are you happy and want to continue that happy feeling? Princess Bride. Are you sick? Princess Bride. Bored? Princess Bride.



16. A League of Their Own

Columbia Pictures

Every time it's on, I can watch it and still be amazed at the quality of it. The humorous parts are just as funny the 233rd(ish) time as they are the first time. It never fails to make me smile. Not to mention the end credits when Madonna sings "This Used to Be My Playground." Makes me want to cry every time, it's beautiful.


17. Little Miss Sunshine

Fox Searchlight Pictures

I always catch some little funny thing I didn't notice or forgot I noticed and while it makes me pee my pants from laughing it also has the ability to hit me in the feels.



29. Fight Club

Fox 2000 Pictures

Every time I watch it, I always pick up on something new I never noticed before. It's like watching a new movie every single time. There are so many little hints and clues throughout that only make sense at the very end of the movie. It's a must watch over and over!!!



34. The Goonies

Warner Bros.

Easily can say I’ve seen it over 200 times, had to get another DVD once I moved out. Ever since I watched it every day for a week when I had the flu, it has always been my go-to movie!



36. Best in Show

Castle Rock Entertainment

If only to hear my favorite movie quote, "We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about."


37. Spirited Away

Tokuma Shoten

It's my go-to wacky movie night movie and is just so visually gorgeous and spellbinding that it's easy to watch more than once. Plus, it's great for all ages! I can show it to the kids I babysit, but also bring it out for movie night with my friends!


39. The Lord of the Rings

New Line Cinema

All three! It's always interesting, perfect for a lazy day. I seem to notice something I may have missed from the other 573973839 times I've seen them. But quoting the comic relief one-liners is a pastime with my bff!



41. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Summit Entertainment

It's poignant, witty and heartbreaking with just enough hope sprinkled in that it makes you feel better afterwards. I could watch it a thousand times over.


43. Stick It

Kaltenbach Pictures

I fell in love with the movie in middle school and still love to sit down and watch as an adult. While it's not what you'd classify as a cinematic masterpiece, the characters are relatable and it's one of the few teen movies not centered around falling in love. 10/10



44. She's the Man


That movie is so good it should be critically acclaimed. Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, and a whole ton of one-liner burns that I still use on the reg. It doesn't get better than that. Also it's based off of Shakespeare, so you know it's classy af.

"Does he have your number?"


So classic.


45. Pride and Prejudice

Focus Features

I never get tired of Pride and Prejudice. One of my favorite movies. Love the scene where Mr. Darcy declares his love to Elizabeth, it was raining, and she rejects him. She broke my heart, but it was for the best.



51. Hot Tub Time Machine


I'm aware it's super dumb but it's my guilty pleasure and I watch it at least two times a month. Also Goodfellas, I own two copies but will still stop and watch it whenever it's on television.



60. Stand by Me

Columbia Pictures

The story is so perfectly simple and poignant, and the performances are amazing. I've seen it dozens of times but I still cry my eyes out when Gordie describes how Chris died.



70. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


I got that movie on DVD at 5 years old, and it was my go-to movie to watch as a kid. Twelve years later, I still watch it whenever I get the chance. Ah, Lindsay Lohan was such a good actress before she fell off.



73. Little Shop of Horrors

Geffen Company

I've probably seen it 30 times and it's still just as entertaining. I'm devastated that they're talking about remaking it. No one can beat Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, and Steve Martin.



77. Dirty Dancing

Great American Films

Holy crap! From the ages of 9 to 14, I watched it every other week. And every time it's on TV I watch it no matter when it started.

Jennifer Grey is so dorky and sweet, while the late great Patrick Swayze is sensitive and sexy as hell. Then there's the dancing and the humor. It's just a great movie with a lot of heart.