The Top 10 Sexiest Celebrity Voices Have Been Named, But These Aussies Might Have Them Beat

    We have some suggestions, take it or leave it.

    Have you ever heard a voice that makes your soul shake — one that captivates you with its rasp, tone and crisp pronunciation? If you said yes, don't worry we're not here to kink shame, you can definitely find someone's voice seductive.

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    Apparently, other people do too — which leads us to a new study by Pour Moi that found the top 10 sexiest celebrity voices based on pitch, speed and well...sexiness. At the top of the hottest overall voices is British rapper Stormzy for his "husky tone and London accent". Take a look at the rankings below.

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    The Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrity Voices:

    Smiling person in a black turtleneck looking off-camera

    The Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrity Voices:

    Salma Hayek poses in a sequined gown at an event

    And drumroll, here's the overall list:

    Chris Hemsworth wearing a casual black shirt, smiling at a public event

    The ever-so-reliable Chris Hemsworth is holding it down for the Australians but, TBH we think there's some Aussies missing from this spread. So, we're here to make some suggestions for who should be included:

    1. Julia Gillard

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    2. Liam Hemsworth

    @watchpash / Via

    3. Desmond Chiam

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    The Movie Times / Via

    4. Cate Blanchett

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    First We Feast / Via

    5. Gina Riley and Jane Turner AKA Kath & Kim

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    ABC/Seven / Via

    6. Thomas Weatherall

    @wlfhardz / Via

    7. Darren Lockyer

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    8. Jessica Mauboy


    is anyone else DEVO that jessica mauboy named this song as her least fave?
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    9. Jack Cooper

    @jackcoopxr / Via

    10. Anna Paul


    If you love dogs, this is for you 🥲

    ♬ original sound - Anna Paul
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    11. Selina Yang


    heart shaped raspberry macarons

    ♬ original sound - 👽
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    Who did we miss?

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