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    17 Moments That Prove Kenan Thompson Does NOT Get The Appreciation He Deserves

    He's been making us laugh for 17 SEASONS on SNL and 👏🏼 he 👏🏼 deserves 👏🏼more!

    If you grew up watching Nickelodeon or Saturday Night Live, there's a good chance you know who Kenan Thompson is.

    He's been making us laugh for 17 seasons now on SNL, officially holding the show's record for longest running castmember.

    He's one hilarious human who's made the show infinitely funnier, and here are just a few reasons he's so amazing:

    1. According to the SNL writers, Kenan literally makes anything funnier just by being in it.

    2. Kenan's a master of impressions. He nails every one from his infamous take on Steve Harvey on Family Feud...

    3. LaVar Ball on "Weekend Update"...

    4. the bread-loving Oprah herself.

    5. He answered the question we didn't know we had in "Them Trumps" — what would happen if Donald Trump and Lucious Lyon from Empire had a baby?

    6. He's particularly gifted at playing absurd characters that steal the show, like in the "Diner Lobster" sketch...

    7. ...or his much cooler version of Santa Claus, Sump'n Claus.

    8. Even when he's in the background of a sketch, he manages to steal the show with as little as one word.

    9. SNL doesn’t waste an opportunity to show off his musical talents, giving us sketches like Electric Shoes, a real display of stamina...

    10. ...and The Treece Henderson Trio, starring Kenan as a lounge singer who is far too invested in his roommate's personal life...

    11. ...AND "Friendos," in which Kenan, Chris Redd, and Donald Glover played a rap trio who worked through their issues in therapy.

    12. For three years, he gave us the gift of "What Up with That?" and Diondre Cole, the talk show host who couldn't stop interrupting his guests because he needed to sing.

    13. In fact, playing hosts is kind of his thing. He's often called on to host SNL's game show sketches, like playing "Black Jeopardy" host Darnell Hayes, which became one of the show's staples.

    14. Kenan was also one of the minds behind "Come Back Barack," a collaboration with Chance the Rapper that won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics in 2018.

    15. And speaking of Chance the Rapper, he and Kenan are a comedy dream-team.

    16. Kenan can make a parody out of literally anything.

    17. He always tries sooooo hard not to break character, making his sketches infinitely funnier because his face ends up looking something like this:

    18. And finally, Kenan's just so dang funny that sometimes he can't help but make his castmates break character, too.

    We love you Kenan, keep bein' the best!