27 Facts About Marvel Actors That'll Make You Do A Double Take

    I had no idea so many of them had singing careers before joining the MCU!

    1. Mark Ruffalo’s first-ever role was in a Clearasil commercial when he was about 20 years old.

    2. Brie Larson’s first job was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, where she appeared in commercial-parody sketches.

    3. Robert Downey Jr.’s first acting gig was in the movie Pound, which was written and directed by his father.

    4. Chris Evans’ first acting credit was in the 1997 video Biodiversity: Wild About Life!, but his first official movie didn’t actually come until three years later when he appeared in The Newcomers.

    5. He also appeared in music videos, like Marilyn Manson’s "Tainted Love" in 2001.

    6. You might also recognize a young Larson from the 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie Right on Track, where she played Courtney Enders.

    7. She was also a member of the Six Chicks in 13 Going on 30, which Ruffalo starred in. Ruffalo, however, didn’t learn about her role until just last year.

    8. Before acting, Chris Hemsworth’s first job was cleaning and repairing breast pumps.

    9. Ruffalo grew up wrestling in middle and high school but gave it up his senior year to pursue acting instead.

    10. Before she was an Oscar-winning actress, Larson had a music career! She released her EP, Finally out of P.E., in 2005 and even toured with Jesse McCartney in his Beautiful Soul tour.

    11. Scarlett Johansson also had a music career! She has four EPs and two studio albums: a Tom Waits cover album called Anywhere I Lay My Head and a collab album with Pete Yorn called Break Up.

    12. Let’s not forget RDJ has an album too! He released a jazz album in 2004 called The Futurist.

    13. Evans might not have an album himself, but he did grow up performing a lot of musical theater.

    14. While Evans hasn’t (yet) graced Broadway in a musical, he did make his Broadway debut last year in the play Lobby Hero with Michael Cera.

    15. Ruffalo, Johansson, and Tom Hiddleston have also had their own Broadway runs.

    16. Although she’s currently engaged to Colin Jost, ScarJo was previously married to Ryan Reynolds.

    17. French was actually Larson's first language, not English.

    18. Before he started getting bigger roles, Jeremy Renner made ends meet as a makeup artist.

    19. In his free time, RDJ practices martial arts — more specially, Wing Chun. On Oprah, he cited it as a major help in fighting his drug addiction.

    20. Hemsworth was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars Australia way back in 2006 — and it almost cost him the role of Thor.

    21. Ruffalo is dyslexic and is a strong voice for dyslexia awareness.

    October is #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth. Millions of people, myself included, have dyslexia, but very few understand it. #SayDyslexia

    22. In 2001 Ruffalo discovered he had a brain tumor behind his left ear. Fortunately they were able to remove it, but as a result he lost hearing in one ear.

    23. ScarJo is a twin! She’s three minutes older than her twin brother, Hunter.

    24. RDJ was an SNL cast member for one year in 1985.

    25. Before he started getting cast in big movies like Star Trek and Cabin in the Woods, Hemsworth said his biggest gig was an Australian TV show called Home and Away.

    26. Hiddleston originally auditioned for the role of Thor, not Loki.

    27. And finally, Tom Holland learned that he booked the role of Spider-Man from a Marvel post on Instagram. Classic Holland!

    Wow, I didn't think I could love these talented humans any more than I already did. Avengers, assemble!