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    Here Are All Of Maya Rudolph’s Best Kamala Harris Sketches On “SNL”

    If there's anything that can make 2020 a little better, it's more Maya Rudolph.

    2020 might be feeling like a never-ending dumpster fire of a year at this point, but if there's anything making it even a liiiiittle but more bearable right now, it's Maya Rudolph being back on SNL. She kills her Kamala Harris impression every 👏🏼single 👏🏼time👏🏼.

    Just how incredible is it, you might ask? Well, it was incredible enough to win her a gosh dang Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series Emmy this year!

    Lucky for us, it looks like Maya loves doing her Kamala Harris impression just as much as we love to watch it.

    So, let's take a little look back at some of Maya's very best Kamala Harris impressions thus far:

    1. Maya first played America's funt — our fun, cool aunt — in last year's DNC Town Hall sketch, where she took some playful jabs at the then–presidential hopeful:

    Maya calling Harris a cool, fun aunt who will give you weed then arrest you and who can seduce a younger man

    You can read our coverage or watch the whole sketch below.

    View this video on YouTube


    2. We were blessed with all these old-school Harris memes when Maya returned a month later in the 2020 Democratic debate sketch and tried to create some "viral moments" like these:

    Harris memes that say things like "Ermahgerd gersberms!" and "Gonna tell my kids this was Michelle Obama"

    You can read our coverage or watch the whole sketch below.

    View this video on YouTube


    3. In the PBS Democratic debate cold open, Maya returned with a martini in hand and the perfect Lizzo reference right after Harris dropped out of the race:

    Maya saying she walked her fine ass out the door because we withheld donations and that we could've had a bad bitch

    4. What, you thought one musical moment in that sketch was enough? Nope! She also gave us this rap that's, tbh, a bop:

    Maya rapping about Trump wishing he never heard her name and things it rhymes with

    You can watch the whole sketch below, or skip to 4:10 for Rudolph's impression.

    View this video on YouTube


    5. In her first appearance after Harris was announced as Biden's running mate, Maya popped in to moderate the presidential debate when Chris Wallace failed to do it to Harris's liking:

    Rudolph as Harris talking about being the Hot Vice President In Charge, having snacks for the nominees backstage like a mom, and seeing Chris in her office after

    You can read our write-up of that sketch or watch it for yourself below.

    View this video on YouTube


    6. In her most recent appearance, Maya made a cameo in Trump's town hall, where she called out the girl nodding "like a bobble head" in the background:

    Kamala asking what the girl that keeps nodding in the background is doing

    You can read our coverage of it or watch the full sketch below.

    View this video on YouTube


    7. Perhaps her best performance yet was in the vice presidential debate cold open, where she perfectly spoofed Harris's memeworthy reaction faces:

    8. She gave her take on Harris's iconic "I'm speaking" quote:

    Maya as Harris saying she's speaking as Pence continues to interrupt her

    9. In that same sketch, she went on to embody all of us while watching that fly chill out on Pence's head:

    Maya as Harris not telling Pence about the fly on his head

    10. And finally, she ended it the exact way we all wish the IRL debate had ended:

    Harris hitting Pence with a flyswatter

    You can read our coverage of that cold open or watch it for yourself below.

    View this video on YouTube

    Here's to hoping for even more of Maya's perfect impressions in the future!