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    "SNL" Made Fun Of Trump And Biden's Town Halls In Their Cold Open, So Here Are The Highlights

    It's just like the real thing!

    Last night, Issa Rae hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Justin Bieber for a real fun episode! As usual, the show kicked off with a political sketch, this time about Trump and Biden's respective town halls.

    Issa Rae doing her monologue on "SNL"

    The cold open switched back and forth between ABC's town hall with Joe Biden and NBC's broadcast of Trump, which they described as a "Hallmark movie" vs. an "alien autopsy."

    Biden saying, "Well, let me start with a story mixed with a complicated math problem."

    The show briefly addressed the backlash NBC has faced for running Trump's town hall at the same time as Biden's:

    Savannah saying that while people are mad at NBC for the town hall, they'll forgive her after she asks a few questions

    And really set the tone for what the rest of the sketch would be like:

    Savannah saying, "We have lots of voters waiting to ask you questions, but I'd like to start by tearing you a new one."

    They referenced Savannah calling Trump a "crazy uncle" for his conspiracy theory retweets, to which he called on fellow crazy uncles — much like he notoriously told Proud Boys in the first presidential debate — to stand back and stand by.

    Savannah calling Trump a crazy uncle. Trump saying the conversation is like family at Thanksgiving, and telling crazy uncles to stand back and stand by.

    The vibes switched up completely when the sketch returned to Biden, who was giving a soothing, albeit long-winded, response to an audience member:

    Biden telling a long story and offering to talk some more after the town hall with a very shocked audience member who asked a question

    Of course, Paulette — the woman who made her move on Trump at his town hall despite planning to vote for Biden — made an appearance:

    As did the woman aggressively nodding behind Trump who the internet could not get enough of:

    Woman in the background nodding, waving, and twerking

    Maya Rudolph surprised us with a Kamala Harris cameo, asking the question we all had about what the heck was going on there:

    Kamala asking what the girl that keeps nodding in the background is doing

    Switching back to Biden, the show poked fun at Trump's senior campaign adviser, comparing Biden's town hall to an episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood:

    Joe dressed as Mister Rogers and the audience singing the theme song

    Meanwhile, Savannah and Trump were brawling full-WWE style on NBC:

    Savannah and Trump wrestling; Trump getting hit over the head with a chair

    And finally, we saw a contrastingly soothing Biden take on another childhood favorite, Bob Ross:

    Biden as Bob Ross, saying, "And you see, each tree has its own personality, just like Americans."

    Well, here's to seeing what wild things this week's final presidential debate brings us on SNL.

    Harris, Trump, Biden, and Savannah

    You can watch the whole sketch for yourself below:

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