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A Woman Named Paulette Made Us All Think She Loved Trump, But She's Actually Voting For Biden

My brain hurts!

Last night at Trump's town hall, a woman named Paulette Dale stood up to ask a question.

She started her time by telling Trump he is so handsome when he smiles?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was wild!!!

Paulette is shooting her shot at Donald Trump of all people on national TV LOOOL WTF

He loved it, obviously. There was even a pause for claps...even wilder!

Makes sense that if you're a Republican and telling Trump to his face that you love his smile, then you'd definitely be voting for him, right?

But no!!! Our Miss Paulette is voting for Biden!!!

After complimenting Trump on his smile at Miami town hall, Paulette Dale plans to vote for Biden #BecauseMiami

What a twist!!!

The woman who told Trump that he was handsome and had a great smile is apparently voting for…Joe Biden. “I wish he would smile more and talk less,” she said of Trump. “I think the man has a nice smile. However, I’m not a fan."

In an interview with the Miami New Times after the town hall, Paulette truly surprised us all! She said:

"I wish he would smile more and talk less," she quipped.

Asked to elaborate, Dale said the president "steps in it every time he opens his mouth."

"I think the man has a nice smile. However, I'm not a fan," she further clarified.

And continued:

"He's very combative and he doesn't believe in science, and that's a big concern to me," she said. "And by his own words, he knows more than the [military] generals, knows more than the public-health experts, knows more than anybody. I believe Joe Biden will listen to the experts."

The whole thing from start to finish could not be written. This is just real-life stuff, people!!! However, when it is made into a movie, obviously Allison Janney will play Paulette.

Okay, on to the next crazy thing. BYE.