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21 Halloween Costumes That Are So Clever, They Deserve A Round Of Applause

Every single person in this post is a genius!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their punny Halloween costumes, and they certainly did not disappoint! Here are some of the clever Halloween looks they came up with:

Halloween is probably gonna look a little different than normal this year, but you can have a fun, festive time at home! You can still rock a hilarious costume like these for a movie marathon, Zoom party, or even just a funny Instagram post. Please remember to follow CDC guidelines to keep yourself and everyone around you safe!

1. French Kiss:

A man and woman with Kiss face paint wearing berets, striped tees, and holding wine and a baguette

2. A formal apology:

A woman in a formal gown with a sash reading "apology"

3. A chicken strip:

A woman dressed as a chicken with fishnet tights, a bra, and money coming out of them

4. Ghost Malone:

A person in a white sheet titled "RIP" with Post Malone's face and hand tattoos

5. Cereal killers:

Five people dressed as bloody cereal brand mascots

6. Deer Evan Hansen:

A man with deer makeup, antlers, a blue shirt, and a cast that says "Donnor"

7. A Stormtrooper:

A woman in a stormtrooper suit with hair like Storm from X-Men


In case it took you a second: Storm from the X-Men + a Stormtrooper = genius.

8. A blessing in disguise:

A woman in a shirt that says "blessing" that is covered by a large coat, sunglasses, and a hat

9. A Freudian slip:

A woman in a slip dress that says things like ego, id, mom, and libido

10. Bee-yoncé:

A woman dressed as a bee with "yoncé" her shirt

11. When life gives you lemons:

A woman in a lemon dress and a name tag reading "hello, my name is life" who is handing out lemons and lemonhead candy

12. A Moosician:

A woman in a cow-print dress carrying an ukulele

13. A chilly dog:

A person in a hot dog costume with two winter jackets and a beanie over it

14. A pumpkin Spice Girl:

A woman in an orange shirt with pigtails and a large necklace that says "Starbucks"

15. Fantasy football:

A woman in a football uniform with a long gray beard and a staff stick

16. A dill-doe:

A woman with deer face paint and ears, and a green shirt that says "dill"

"I was a dill-doe, aka a dildo." —caitlink44a93fbe7

17. Curiosity killed the cat:

A woman dressed as a bloody cat and a man with a knife wearing a shirt that says "curiosity"

18. American Gothic:

Two people inside a large frame recreating the "American Gothic" painting with goth clothes and makeup

19. Taco Belle:

A woman dressed as Princess Belle with tacos at the bottom of her dress

20. Guy and Gal Fieri:

A woman and a man in black button downs and shorts with short blonde wigs, sunglasses, and tattoo sleeves

We stayed in character all night and kept saying things like "slap ya mama good" and "Flavortown." —taylorh4a8756eed

21. And finally, Ouija wear a mask?

A woman in a Ouija board mask with a planchette over her eye and a fake hand attached to it

Happy spooky season, y'all!

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