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21 Halloween Costumes That Are So Clever, They Deserve A Round Of Applause

Every single person in this post is a genius!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their punny Halloween costumes, and they certainly did not disappoint! Here are some of the clever Halloween looks they came up with:

Halloween is probably gonna look a little different than normal this year, but you can have a fun, festive time at home! You can still rock a hilarious costume like these for a movie marathon, Zoom party, or even just a funny Instagram post. Please remember to follow CDC guidelines to keep yourself and everyone around you safe!

1. French Kiss:

A man and woman with Kiss face paint wearing berets, striped tees, and holding wine and a baguette

2. A formal apology:

A woman in a formal gown with a sash reading "apology"

3. A chicken strip:

A woman dressed as a chicken with fishnet tights, a bra, and money coming out of them

4. Ghost Malone:

A person in a white sheet titled "RIP" with Post Malone's face and hand tattoos

5. Cereal killers:

Five people dressed as bloody cereal brand mascots

6. Deer Evan Hansen:

A man with deer makeup, antlers, a blue shirt, and a cast that says "Donnor"

7. A Stormtrooper:

A woman in a stormtrooper suit with hair like Storm from X-Men

8. A blessing in disguise:

A woman in a shirt that says "blessing" that is covered by a large coat, sunglasses, and a hat

9. A Freudian slip:

A woman in a slip dress that says things like ego, id, mom, and libido

10. Bee-yoncé:

A woman dressed as a bee with "yoncé" her shirt

11. When life gives you lemons:

A woman in a lemon dress and a name tag reading "hello, my name is life" who is handing out lemons and lemonhead candy

12. A Moosician:

A woman in a cow-print dress carrying an ukulele

13. A chilly dog:

A person in a hot dog costume with two winter jackets and a beanie over it

14. A pumpkin Spice Girl:

A woman in an orange shirt with pigtails and a large necklace that says "Starbucks"

15. Fantasy football:

A woman in a football uniform with a long gray beard and a staff stick

16. A dill-doe:

A woman with deer face paint and ears, and a green shirt that says "dill"

17. Curiosity killed the cat:

A woman dressed as a bloody cat and a man with a knife wearing a shirt that says "curiosity"

18. American Gothic:

Two people inside a large frame recreating the "American Gothic" painting with goth clothes and makeup

19. Taco Belle:

A woman dressed as Princess Belle with tacos at the bottom of her dress

20. Guy and Gal Fieri:

A woman and a man in black button downs and shorts with short blonde wigs, sunglasses, and tattoo sleeves

21. And finally, Ouija wear a mask?

A woman in a Ouija board mask with a planchette over her eye and a fake hand attached to it

Happy spooky season, y'all!