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16 Of The Most Unforgettable Celebrity Reactions During The 2023 Oscars

I can already feel the Andrew Garfield Cringe™️ being memed as we speak.

If you're anything like me, you loooove watching awards shows. Sometimes the fun part of it isn't so much watching people get the actual awards but actually watching some of the biggest people in Hollywood reacting to things on live TV.

You see, live TV allows for the perfectttt opportunity to see these celebs as close as we can get to being unscripted and real. That might mean seeing a genuine reaction to another celeb winning, or an I-thought-it'd-be-subtle-but-it-definitely-wasn't eye roll at the lame joke the host made. Sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's wholesome. It's basically the best!

Without further ado, here are 16 of the best celebrity reactions I caught from this year's Oscars:

1. Pedro Pascal's reaction to Jimmy Kimmel praising him for his work on The Mandalorian:

Pedro Pascal in the audience at the #Oscars

Twitter: @PopCrave

2. Andrew Garfield's grimace at the audience's delayed applause for him playing Spider-Man:

Andrew in a bow tie grimacing in the audience

3. Nicole Kidman's "Oh, thank god!" reaction to Kimmel asking Jessica Chastain a question instead of her:

Twitter: @littlelostsunny

4. Paul Mescal's "yikes" face after someone's speech got cut off:

Twitter: @joker_misato

5. When Ariana DeBose was so moved by Ke Huy Quan's Best Supporting Actor win, she started crying while presenting it:

6. This pure moment that was A$AP Rocky cheering for Rihanna:

A$AP Rocky cheering for Rihanna with a glass of champagne in his hand at the Oscars…this man is simply along for the ride and loving every minute of it

Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

7. The sheer joy radiating from Quan and Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones reunion:

Ke Huy Quan hugging Harrison Ford is everything #Oscars

Lucasfilm / Via Twitter: @goldengateblond

8. Colin Farrell's look of absolute joy when Kimmel brought out the donkey from The Banshees of Inisherin:

Twitter: @its_willyu

9. Bonus points for the sweet little kiss he blew, too:

Find someone who looks at you the way Colin Farrell looks at a Donkey

Twitter: @Stu_FX

10. Halle Berry's face after handing Michelle Yeoh her Best Actress Oscar, 21 years after receiving her own:

Halle Berry presented Michelle Yeoh with her #Oscar for 'Best Actress'. They’re the only two women of color to ever win the award.

Twitter: @PopCrave

11. When Angela Bassett held a nervous Austin Butler's hand when his category was up:

Angela Bassett holding Austin Butler’s hand while he’s nervous…is exactly the kind of woman I imagined she was 💕.

Twitter: @NadineBabu

12. Jamie Lee Curtis screaming "Shut up!" when she won her award for Best Supporting Actress:

This reaction was perfect. #oscars

Twitter: @NickTuell

13. The overwhelmingly adorable energy that is coming from Mescal and his mom thriving at the Oscars:

Paul Mescal and his mom at the #Oscars 🥹

Twitter: @letterboxd

14. Whatever this was that Kidman was serving on the red carpet, because this is about to be memed to death:

me when I walk around the house in a beautiful gown and a ghost slaps me

Twitter: @itsgarrettfinch

15. Elizabeth Banks's perfect response to tripping while on her way to the microphone:

here’s Elizabeth Banks being chased on stage by Cocaine Bear

Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse

16. And finally, when Stephanie Hsu was literally all of us (sorry, Jamie) screaming about Yeoh's Best Actress win:

Stephanie Hsu reacting in the audience, mouth wide open