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    • andyo3

      13 is the creepiest quote there. What makes all those damn quotes so creepy is that they are true. What makes 13 so creepy is that it shows everybody including William Micheal Johnson is capable. Human race is creepy because we kill with reason and reflection and never out of protection and survival. Ironically in the case of Bundy capital punishment was warranted as prisons could not hold him, but over all ask yourself if you support capital punishment making that incident being about protection. If the answer is yes that is the first sign that you are not much better than Bundy. Whether we are squashingabug or eatinganice rare tenderloin seasoned to perfection we kill for comfort. We kill to pocess. As for conscience, most people feel guilt because of fear of consequences, not that they did the wrong thing.Ican count the people on my hand thatican say they do the right thing because it is the right thing. Only thingican say for myself that im luckyiknow these few people andirecognise the goodness in them. Otherwise people do the right thing because they fear god or the law, you want to findagood person first find out if there are an atheist than see if they do the right thing. Ill never know if I’m good becauseIbelieve in god. Conclusion, it isacancer on an organism known as the earth that is evil. It is the human race asawhole.

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