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    25 "Haunting Of Bly Manor" Details That Actually Connect To "Haunting Of Hill House"

    I'll always cry over the word "confetti," and I blame these shows.

    🚨Obviously there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for both The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor!🚨

    1. First, when Flora greets Dani at Bly Manor, she tells Dani that she was "expected," which is the same thing Olivia says to Nell before she dies in Hill House.

    Flora telling Dani, "You're expected" and Olivia saying the same thing

    2. While at boarding school, Miles receives a drawing from Flora that reads, "Come home." The same message was written in crayon to Nell on the walls of Hill House.

    Nell starring at the "come home Nell" written underneath the wallpaper at Hill House

    3. When Hannah returns to the bonfire, Owen tells her, "Our moments are supposed to be like...," but they can't think of how to finish the sentence. If you're a fan of Hill House, you can connect this to Nell's iconic line about confetti.

    Owen and Hannah talking about what moments are supposed to be like vs. Nell saying, "Our moments fall around us like rain. Or the snow. or confetti"

    4. Also, Hannah almost uses the confetti line again when she tells Henry to tell Owen that she loves him. Creator Mike Flanagan even confirmed that Hannah's next word was going to be "confetti."

    Hannah telling Henry to tell Owen, "Tell him I love him. And. the rest, well, it's just—" vs. Nell in "Hill House" saying, "I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That's all. The rest is confetti"

    5. Peter tells Miles that he will be "tucked away in the forever house" — in Hill House, Olivia uses that phrase to describe the dream house she wants to build for the Crains.

    Peter telling Miles, "You're gonna be tucked away. In the forever house, just like we said" and then Olivia telling Shirley about the forever house

    6. Of course, Flora having a dollhouse of Bly Manor and being protective over it is reminiscent of Shirley building a model of the forever house after Olivia died.

    7. When Peter is trying to convince Miles to let him take over, he says that nothing sad will "ever touch" him again. Olivia says a similar thing to Hugh when she tries to keep Nell and Luke in the Red Room.

    Peter telling Niles, "Nothing sad will ever touch you, ever again" and Olivia saying "Nothing bad will ever touch them ever again"

    8. When Hannah keeps returning to her memory with Owen in the kitchen, she says, "I'm having the strangest of dreams," which is something Olivia says a lot in Hill House.

    Hannah telling Owen she had the strangest of dreams vs. Olivia standing over her body and saying it to Hugh

    9. Also, Miles uses this exact line after he was "tucked away" by Peter and reveals to Hannah that she's actually at the bottom of the well.

    10. In Episode 3, Peter explains that there are specific keys that open certain doors inside Bly. In Hill House, Shirley is obsessed with finding the correct key that opens the Red Room.

    Peter telling Miles that you have to find certain keys for certain rooms vs. Shirley trying different keys to open the red room and none of them working

    11. Also, Peter says that people are like "locked rooms," thus comparing them to a house. In Hill House, Nell does the opposite and compares the house to a person or monster.

    12. The color red was prominent in Hill House because of the Red Room. In Bly Manor, there are nods to that color with Dani's backpack, the wall where Viola's and Perdita's portraits are hung in Bly Manor, and more.

    13. The door knocker on Bly Manor appears to be in the shape of a lion, and the doorknobs in Hill House also have lions on them.

    14. When Henry is being haunted after kissing Charlotte, his creepy doppelgänger hovers over him in the same way that the Bent-Neck Lady appeared to Nell while she was sleeping.

    15. Flora learns a secret that "dead doesn't mean gone," which is similar to what Nell tells Luke while he's trapped in the Red Room.

    Flora telling Owen that she isn't sad anymore because "dead doesn't mean gone" vs. Nell telling Luke that she learned a secret, that she's not gone

    16. When Miles/Peter forces Hannah to look at her body, all she can say is "No," which is the same thing Nell says right after she dies and becomes the Bent-Neck Lady.

    Both Nell and Hannah saying, "No, no, no, no, no"

    17. Before Charlotte leaves town, she tells Henry that she can "fix it," which is a nod to Hugh in Hill House, who uses that phrase when he finds Olivia's body.

    Charlotte telling Henry that she is going to try and fix her marriage and family vs. Hugh cradling Olivia's body saying, "I can fix it"

    18. When Peter tells Rebecca he was here the entire time but she couldn't see him, the same thing happens to young Nell during the storm in Hill House.

    Peter explaining how he had to find a way to be seen vs. Nell telling her mom that she was right here this whole time but no one could see her

    19. When Eddie is hit by a car and dies, Dani cries over his body the same way Nell did with Arthur in Hill House.

    20. When Dani is haunted by Eddie, his eyes are seen as balls of light, which is similar to when Luke saw the bowler-hat man turn into Olivia.

    21. Dani tells Jamie that she can feel something inside her and that it's "matching her movements," and in Hill House, Nell tells her siblings that the monster inside her feels her "tiny movements."

    Dani describing how there's a lonely beast matching her movements vs. Nell explaining how the monster feels her tiny little movements

    22. When Dani begins to feel the Lady of the Lake take over, she almost strangles Jamie in her sleep before leaving. In Hill House, Olivia almost cuts Hugh's throat in her sleep, too.

    23. Dani's heartbreaking fate of becoming the Lady of the Lake haunts her the same way the Bent-Neck Lady haunts Nell before she dies in Hill House.

    24. Although Jamie doesn't realize it, Dani continues to visit her after she's gone into the lake, which relates back to Olivia's speech about how journeys never end if you love someone.

    Jamie sleeping in the chair with Dani's hand on her shoulder vs. Olivia telling Hugh that "Journeys don't end. Not if you love someone"

    25. And finally, Jamie continues to tell her and Dani's love story so that Dani's memory will live on; and in Hill House, Olivia says that when people die, they turn into stories, so it's as if they are still here.

    Olivia telling Shirley that "when we die we turn into stories. And every time someone tells one of those stories, it's like we're still here for them"

    Did you spot any other Hill House references/Easter eggs in Bly Manor? Tell us in the comments below.