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    People Are Sharing The Worst Shows They're Addicted To And I'm Sorry To Say I've Watched Most Of Them

    I love trash TV.

    Everybody has it: that one TV that you know is objectively ~not good~, yet you've watched every single episode and you can't wait for more.

    Adult Swim

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV shows they can't stop watching, despite knowing they're terrible. Here are just some of the many responses:

    1. Floribama Shore

    The cast of Floribama Shore hanging out in the house
    MTV courtesy Everett Collection

    "I know people think it is just another trashy MTV show — and it mostly is — but I SWEAR it is my favorite show to unwind to."


    2. The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    Shailene Woodley in Secret Life feeding a bottle to a baby
    ABC Family courtesy Everett Collection

    "The show is probably the worst of my favorites. But I can’t get over the fact that it’s so entertaining, and NGL I love the storylines. (Ricky and Amy forever tho.)"


    3. MTV's The Challenge (and Survivor)


    "I am so ashamed to admit to people that I still watch and love MTV’s The Challenge. Every single season gets better and better. It is like Survivor on steroids. Also, I LOVE Survivor!"


    4. Below Deck and Below Deck Med


    "Sometimes the overt sexism of some of the cast members ruins the season, but watching drunken fights over absolutely nothing on a boat somehow never gets old."


    5. Jersey Shore


    "It's a trashy show, and they keep doing weird stuff. But I can't stop watching it."


    6. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    A group of the Real Housewives cast talking at a party
    Bravo TV courtesy Everett Collection

    "Because my life’s not diamonds and rosé but it should be."


    7. Too Hot to Handle

    Men from the Too Hot to Handle cast hanging around shirtless

    "It' stupid. The people in the show seem so stupid, so shallow ... I'm on the asexuality spectrum; it's very difficult for me to understand how and why it can be so hard for them to resist sex for a little while. But for some reason, I binge it every time."


    8. My Crazy Ex

    A woman in a reenactment scene from My Crazy Ex

    "No, not the pretty good CW show, that was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. My Crazy Ex was a Lifetime show, which you can watch on Tubi, where they re-enact these wild allegedly true tales of people's failed romances, though I have my doubts that these are any more real than a letter to Penthouse. It is hilarious and terrible (see also: Untold Stories of the ER)."


    9. Gossip Girl

    Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in an episode of Gossip Girl
    CW Network courtesy Everett Collection

    "Original Gossip Girl. It gets more outlandish the longer you watch, but it's SO fun to watch! The clothes, the excess, the depravity of it all."


    10. Riverdale

    KJ Apa Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes in an episode of Riverdale listening intently to an offscreen character
    Katie Yu / CW / courtesy Everett Collection

    "I cannot stop watching it but continually ask what the heck is going on. The Season 3 finale was the most bizarre hour of TV I have ever watched, but I keep coming back for more."


    11. Love Is Blind

    Gianina and Jessica from Love is Blind chatting and drinking wine

    "Ridiculously scripted and cringey, all the participants are either unlikable or meh. Yet I gotta know who's still together."


    12. Dawson's Creek

    The cast of Dawson's Creek in a promotional photo
    Sony Pictures Television courtesy Everett Collection

    "I don't feel comfortable admitting how many times I've rewatched it on Netflix.

    It's... oddly comforting? The nostalgia, the '90s fashion, the dramatic music, the tortured love triangles and angsty high-schoolers... I love it. I'm fully aware that it's a terrible show, but I still put it on whenever I'm having a bad day. It's like a security blanket."


    13. Glee


    "I watched when it originally aired, and it has since become my comfort show. So when someone says they’ve never seen an episode, I tell them they’ve truly missed nothing and everything at the exact same time 🙃."


    14. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

    E! Network

    "I'm so sorry."


    15. Love Island


    "Absolute rubbish but I find it so compelling and fun to talk about."


    16. The Bachelor/Bachelorette

    The cast of The Bachelor from 2015 during the women tell all special
    ABC courtesy Everett Collection

    "I tell myself every single season that I’m not going to watch and then see one promo and BAM! I'm sucked back in. It’s so overdramatic and obvious that so much is set up by producers, but I somehow just can’t look away."


    17. Bachelor in Paradise

    Host Chris Harrison speaking to the Bachelor in Paradise cast in a 2015 episode
    ABC courtesy Everett Collection

    "I absolutely love Bachelor in Paradise. I get so bored of Bachelor/Bachelorette so easily because it’s so repetitive. But I could watch season after season of Bachelor in Paradise because it’s the best trash there is."


    18. Wife Swap and Kitchen Nightmares


    "Wife Swap USA and Kitchen Nightmares USA. They’re so over edited and so over the top that I feel my brain cells dying when I watch them, but they’re so fun."


    19. And finally, the whole 90 Day Fiancé universe


    "All the 90 Day Fiancé shows! I especially like Pillow Talk because no one I know watches the show, and it’s fun hearing someone else's perspective."


    Do you have a terrible TV show that you love watching? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Submissions may have been edited for length or clarity.

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