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Turns Out I Was Calling These Things In Mario Bros. The Wrong Name, So Please Tell Me The Right One

I used to call it a "flush," and yes, I know that's weird.

Hi. You know how, in old side-scrolling Mario games, you'd come to a pit/gap/hole thing, like this?

screengrab from the original Mario Bros. game showing Mario jumping over a pit

What do you call that thing? Because a friend of mine referred to it as "the edge" in a Facebook post after he heard someone refer to it as a "trench" in a YouTube video.

" "
Ricky Mallory / Nintendo

And I was sitting there like, "Uhhh..." because for my entire life, I called it a "flush." And I realized I have no idea why.


Others started chiming in, saying that they've called it a "hole" or a "gap" or just "falling in." According to the MarioWiki, it's called a "bottomless pit," but I don't think I've ever heard someone call it "bottomless."


It's interesting, because the internet wasn't really a thing yet back when the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out. So without the ability to just look things up online, a lot of us came up with our own vernacular for video game objects.

So please help me out here. What did you call this thing when you were growing up? I'll put a poll here for voting, but if you called it something extra weird or unique, please let me know in the comments.

  1. What is this thing?

    Ricky Mallory / Nintendo
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What is this thing?
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