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There Are 32 Games In The Video Game Hall Of Fame But I'll Be Impressed If You've Played Half

I mean, it seems like literally every human has played The Sims.

This week, the World Video Game Hall of Fame announced its four 2021 inductees: Starcraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, and Animal Crossing.

The boxes for the four game inductees for 2021 arranged against a gray backdrop
Courtesy Museum of Play / Via

It's a worthy group, as each game played an important role in the industry and helped shape its respective genre. But I'll be honest...before today, I didn't know there WAS a World Video Game Hall of Fame!

NBC / Peacock

So, below is a list of every game that's been inducted since the Hall of Fame began in 2015. How many of these iconic titles have you played?

  1. Check off every video game you've played:

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