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    19 Underrated TV Comedies That You Need To Be Watching Right Now

    If you've re-binged The Office enough times, here are some current shows to try!

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community which currently airing TV show they think more people should watch. We got too many responses for just one post, so here are just the comedies that people recommend!

    1. Harley Quinn

    Harley and Ivy talking on a bench
    HBO courtesy Everett Collection

    "Set in Gotham, it’s a TV-MA show revolving around Harley finding out who she is without Joker, with Poison Ivy as the dry-humored best friend. Yes it’s a cartoon, but if you enjoyed Birds of Prey, I highly recommend you check it out. They are currently working on the third season."


    Available on: HBO Max

    2. Feel Good

    A bar scene from Feel Good
    Netflix courtesy Everett Collection

    "I actually learned about it in another BuzzFeed post that said it would warm my gay heart, and boy were they right! Before the post, I had never even heard of it!"


    Available on: Netflix

    3. Girls5eva

    i can't stop laughing at this gag from #Girls5Eva

    Twitter: @JarettSays

    "If you liked 30 Rock, this is Tina Fey's most worthy follow-up plus some ridiculous/killer songs."


    This show is a BLAST. It's about the former members of a popular early '00s girl band who are now in their forties, and they get back together for another run at fame. The cast is also incredible: Paula Pell, Busy Philipps, Hamilton's Reneé Elise Goldsberry, and Sara Bareilles. The first three episodes are free, and I dare you to not sign up for Peacock to stream the rest after seeing those.

    Available on: Peacock

    4. Chad

    Chad typing "sex what goes where (America)" into Google

    "Chad is one of the best shows on TV. It'll make you laugh and cry."


    "This! Chad is unlike anything else on television. It's smart, fresh, and consistently makes me laugh out loud every week. If you like cringe comedies like Curb or Strangers with Candy, you will love this show."


    Available on: TBS

    5. What We Do in the Shadows

    Nandor walking through a grocery store
    FXX courtesy Everett Collection

    "Fans of the original movie already stan this gem, but if you’re not on board yet... GET THERE. This show is hysterical and I love it!"


    Available on: Hulu

    6. Resident Alien

    Harry and Asta sitting on a bench
    SyFy courtesy Everett Collection

    "This Alan Tudyk vehicle is the role he was destined to play. While at first glance, the show seems ridiculous and comical, Tudyk’s acting prowess brings out the alien character’s deepest fears and complex emotions. It’s surprisingly great and totally worth watching. The Season 1 finale will leave you in tears and stitches!"


    Available on: SyFy, Peacock

    7. Shrill

    The cast of Shrill in a bar
    Hulu courtesy Everett Collection

    "It's Aidy Bryant from SNL's show and it is so funny. The roller rink party scene had me crying. It has a great arc about realizing your worth even if you're not perfect. It is also very inclusive with a diverse cast. I highly recommend it."


    Unfortunately, Shrill just finished airing its third and final season, but it's so good that we're keeping it on this list. Deal with it!

    Available on: Hulu

    8. The Great North

    The family from The Great North in their living room
    Hulu courtesy Everett Collection

    "The Great North! It’s so good, dude."


    "The Great North is done by the same people who made Bob’s Burgers and it has overlapping cast members as well! It‘s about a family that lives in rural Alaska, and it’s very funny!"


    Available on: Hulu

    9. Breeders

    Martin Freeman in Breeders scolding his son
    FX courtesy Everett Collection

    "It was created by and stars Martin Freeman. It's both hilarious and deals with serious topics. I highly recommend it!"


    Breeders is a truly unflinching look at what it's like having kids. It can get real dark, but it's always so, so funny.

    Available on: Hulu

    10. The Other Two

    Helene Yorke and Drew Tarver in The Other Two
    HBO Max courtesy Everett Collection

    "The Other Two, absolutely."


    This show follows the two older siblings of a teenage superstar (think young Justin Bieber), and while their antics are super funny, there are also moments with heart that are really touching. The cast is amazing, too!

    Available on: HBO Max

    11. Dave

    Dave, GaTa, and the rest of the gang
    FX courtesy Everett Collection

    "Season 1 of Dave was so good. Laugh-out-loud funny, had me crying from the heartwarming moments, and all-around just an amazing show. Should have won awards, I can’t wait for Season 2 next month!"


    Available on: FX, Hulu

    12. Invincible

    Mark and Nolan flying through the desert
    Amazon Prime

    "Invincible on Amazon Prime!! TW for gore, but I'm utterly obsessed with it."


    "Invincible is a great series. Looks like old-school Ben 10 rocks up like The Boys."


    Available on: Amazon Prime

    13. Disenchantment

    Elfo and Bean on a horse
    Netflix courtesy Everett Collection

    "Every character has so many levels to them (well, except maybe Shocko...) and the introduction of different lands and characters — both good and evil — within them just sends your imagination wild.

    There are some great ongoing 'in jokes' too! Do it!"


    Available on: Netflix

    14. Derry Girls

    The cast of Derry Girls in their school uniforms
    Jack Barnes / Channel Four / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "It’s on Netflix and I love it SO MUCH."


    It's about a group of teenagers living in Northern Ireland in the '90s, which sounds like it might be super serious, but the show is incredibly funny! Also, if you went to Catholic school, you'll really relate to some of the school setting.

    Available on: Netflix

    15. Bob's Burgers

    Louise saying "Bland, boring Jessica, if she was a spice, she'd be flour"

    "Bob's Burgers is one of those feel-good shows that I can just have on in the background and still find funny. And it's a family that loves and supports each other, which isn't common in the animated family sitcoms that I've seen."


    Available on: Fox, Hulu

    16. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

    The cast dancing during a musical number
    NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    "It actually had its finale last night, but it is so freakin' good!"


    "People really need to jump on this show! It's fun, musically diverse and tackles race and mental health so well! Crossing my fingers for a third season. Especially on that cliffhanger."


    Available on: NBC, Hulu

    17. Ted Lasso

    Ted and Coach Beard watching from the sidelines
    Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "This show is SUCH a delight. It's a blast to watch Ted's near-endless positivity change the lives of those around him, but at the same time, things get real on occasion and the show just breaks your heart. I have no notes, 10/10."

    —Andy Golder

    Available on: Apple TV+

    18. A.P. Bio

    Glenn Howerton as Jack sitting at his desk with his feet up
    Peacock / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    "It’s such an underrated gem and so many people don’t even know it’s still airing; which is such a shame because Season 3 has been its best so far."


    Available on: Peacock

    19. And Mythic Quest

    Ian and Poppy fist-bumping
    Apple TV+

    "Mythic Quest on Apple TV+ is an absolutely amazing show. Their specials are incredibly well done. Their quarantine episode, filmed entirely on iPhones, was one of the best things to come out last year. Their second season is airing right now and the reviews have all been positive. More people need to be watching this show."


    Available on: Apple TV+

    (Some submissions have been edited for length or clarity.)

    Did we miss any? Leave your recs in the comments!

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