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    24 Times Tumblr Had Hilariously Great Ideas For The Avengers

    "If Cap 3 isn't called Captain America and Falcon: We're Up All Night To Get Bucky then I'm not watching it."

    1. When they imagined this little interaction.

    2. When they had this idea for a post-credits scene.

    3. And for a new title for Civil War.

    4. When they guessed the owner of this outfit.

    5. When all of the Avengers' problems could have been solved by one mutant.

    6. When they realized that Cap is actually kind of a dick.

    7. When they devised the perfect pun.

    8. When they came up with a new and very relatable Avenger.

    9. When they took an idea and ran with it.

    10. When this dad renamed them all perfectly.

    11. When Mark Ruffalo himself signed off on an excellent idea.

    12. When they noticed a bit of Game of Thrones crossover.

    13. When they had Nick Fury sing a little Carly Rae.

    14. When they realized that Pepper Potts couldn't possibly be in Age of Ultron.

    15. When they solved Cap's money problems.

    16. When they imagined the greatest place on Earth for Thor.

    17. When Bucky finally got Cap to take a look in the mirror.


    19. When they did some Hawkeye math.

    20. When there was the perfect opportunity for some Jack Sparrow.

    21. When they pitched how Civil War should use its one allotted F-bomb.

    22. When they basically proved that there should be a whole movie of just this technique.

    23. When they imagined the best prank ever.

    24. And finally, when they came up with not one, but two perfect images to respond to haters.

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